Regret my marriage

That my marriage is a big mistake and i have 2 children with this man. I feel he doesn't love me like he used to and cares more about his parents/relatives feelings more than mine. I sometimes wish he would just die already just so that i can get some peace. He loves the children and is a very good father. He said the other day the only reason we are still married is because of the kids and frankly i feel the same way. So i am stuck in a loveless argumentive marriage keeping a straight face for the kids. When will this end. ......

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  • Get a nice black guy to f*** you but stay with hubby.

  • Just STFU and serve him like you're supposed to.
    Why are all you women a bunch of sniveling banshees.
    If I was married to you the garage is where you would sleep.

  • "He loves the children and is a very good father." The problem is YOU, you dumb b****. The problem IS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is no good. You say you're staying together for the kids, but also that you fight all the time and don't love each other. They're not blind or deaf, they know this already. No sense ruining their lives as well as yours. Part ways amicably, but make sure you both stay focused on the kids. Once separated you can each work on repairing those things about yourselves that need fixing.

    Sometimes the only way to fix something is to break it first.

  • It's already broken

  • You may want to see a GOOD therapist(its hard to find one) and talk and see if you can get this resolved.
    Do not listen to these religious C****P

  • I agree

  • Save your life live, ask God for help.

  • Bless you - but don't bring religion into it.

    I appreciate your advice - But please consider and respect that some people don't pertain to any religious doctrine and some people are atheists.

    I respect your faith, so have respect for mine.

  • You have no faith. You are faithless and disgusting. F****** die.

  • What's HIS side of the story?

  • Abort!!!

  • Lol

  • When you took your vows did it say " and they lived happily ever after" ? No! Marriage is a lot of work and it takes hard work to make it last. Try to remember what made you fall in love with your husband ,actually sit down and have a conversation with him to find out what you are both feeling and what you both want and need from each other.

  • Everything in life needs a combination of things such as; great care, hard work, compromise, sacrifice, selfishness and selflessness. Nothing in life is easy. However that said, something's in life aren't meant to be, that hard! :-)

  • You think he doesn't love you anymore and loves his family, more than you. And he confirmed he's only with you and staying with you, because of your children. Well, if that isn't confirmation for you, I don't know what is.

    What's preventing you from ending your marriage? You could get a divorce and still have joint custody of your children.

    You deserve to be happy, so dies your husband and children. Sometimes in order to become happy, a person has to relinquish and eradicated people/things within their life, that make them unhappy. Within your case - It's your husband.

    What's stopping you

  • Umm the kids stupid, stop being selfish and stay married for your kids sake. Don't complicate things further

  • You're the one, whose an idiot! Reread my comment about the children.

    Couples who are no longer in love and are unhappy within their relationship, even after fighting to save it - shouldn't remain together because of their children!
    It's not fair on them and their children!

    Children are more perceptive, than what adults may realise and they might notice their parents aren't happy/in love any longer. That could damage them emotionally and psychologically, especially if the parents are hostile and abusive to each other, in front of their children.

    I'm not stating the OP and their partner are this way, as I don't know them. I was giving an example. But either way - if they separate, they could have joint custody of their children, if thats what they choose. Obviously, the children would be hurt by this, but at least their parents would be single and possibly happier.

    It's healthier for children to live within an environment, that is conducive for their child development. And residing in a mostly; loving, caring, happy and flourishing environment is emotionally and psychologically healthy for them.

    I'm not stating loving families don't have there problems at times. There will be obstacles and circumstances, that may arise from time to time. But as long as the family home is mostly exuding love and security, the children should be happy and loved.

  • Apologies for incorrect punctuation

  • What do you do to make him love you?

    Maybe you've gone cold.

    Try forgiveness and flirting. Not judging. And see whether things get better. It'll take a while.

  • It takes two in a relationship, to make or break it.

    Sometimes conflicts in a relationship also occurs - due to outside influences as well, in the form of family, friends and side pieces.

    So don't base your judgements, blame and assumptions on the OP alone, her husband probably has a part to play in her rising concerns and reservations about their relationship. No one truly knows, besides the OP and her husband, douchebag!

  • Well what exactly makes you soo special that he should be soo happy with you? i mean youre saying he has no love for you but you obviously have no love for him. maybe start swinging.

  • It's not obvious she doesn't love him! You deem it is, because that's what you want to assume! Did you not read the part where her husband, stated he's only staying with her, because of the children! Does that sound like a loving husband to you?

    Fair enough, we only read the OP side and not her husband's admissions, in regards to their relationship and no one truly knows, besides this couple what is actually going on between them.

    But my point is, don't be quick to OP is the main catalyst, we don't know s****!

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