My grandpa

My grandfather is a piece of s***. He molested me. And he thinks I won't tell someone. Someone please tell why would he do this to me and is it normal for me to want him to die?

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  • Look girl, the system is way ahead of you. I thought you understood that this is the dang internet where everything is virtual. There is no reason to be serious on the 'net here unless one desires disappointment. Your account is virtual as well. Anyhow, it's clear one cannot be taught common sense so HEADS UP!!

  • It is normal for you to want him to die. its not a good thought but understandable. why did he do it? only he knows but he is sick. he is full of l*** and wrong thinking that is way not normal. do not get alone with him again. only you can decide what to do or say about this. i will pray for you to be restored. it is not your fault. want to talk?

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  • Don't tell us tell the police.

  • You already know the answer

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