Dance teacher

Im sitting here waiting for my daughter to finish dance lessons. her teacher of another one of her classes always sits in front of me waiting for the next class to start. she is SUPER cute and i just want to bury my face in her p****. i want to stick my hard c*** in her and rip her apart. i imagine taking her to the top floor of the studio where no one goes and just dump a huge load in her. problem is she is like 16 years old.

Jan 28, 2017

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  • I say do it should not talk about it

  • Serious dorkfest here

  • That urge never hit you at 12?

  • 12 is nice 8 is even nicer I love yung c***

  • Right with you, other than the age. I did dad's dance with my niece for 3 years, and, one of her teachers, who was also a good friend of mine, has the most perfect, fit, hot dancer's body I've ever seen. Watching her do moves, bend-overs, and raise those amazing legs, her long, dark hair flowing as she danced, and per-fect ass (the older girls always commented..I wish I had her ass), always got me going.

    One night, they were doing the teacher-only dance, in super-tight, short tights, and tied-up tank tops that exposed ribs to below the navel..Was sexy as h*** to begin with, but, watching her stretch, move around, bend backwards, and jump around stage was just amazing. Most of us guys were glued to her. One guy I became friendly with, also dancing with his non-daughter, nudged me and said "Don't care if she's engaged..I'd haul her to a hotel room and fk the h*** out of her..Look at that". Another directly said "I'd trade my wife for her, right now".

    They also had an assistant instructor, former student, maybe 18, who was a little hottie. Didn't come around much, but when she did, yeah..We looked at her, too.

  • The problem is, she might not be interested in you or anyone else. Just because you fantasize about doing these things to that girl, doesn't mean it's ever going to happen.

    Stop being a perv.

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