Turn on I didn’t know I had!

My wife and I just had our first Dr appointment after finding out she was pregnant. She is 31, a brunette with great natural C cups, 5’6”, 120 lbs and is absolutely beautiful. I am the only person she has ever been with. They told us the ultrasound was first, she went back alone while I stayed in the waiting room. After 5 minutes or so they brought me back. I walked into the room and she was lying on the exam table, undressed in a hospital gown. The radiologist was a guy about our age. He took out the ultrasound tool, I remember thinking...that’s not what I thought it would look like. Then he put a plastic cover over it that sort of looked like a condom and covered it in lube. I thought that was strange, on tv you always see them put it on women’s stomachs. He then asked if we were ready to see our baby! I was expecting her to open the front of her gown and him to push it against her stomach to see it. But that’s not what happened. He put it up the bottom of her gown and told her to help him guide the tip in and he would take it from there. For a moment I was confused, then I realized that another man had just stuck a tool that looked much like a small d**** into my wife’s p****. My heart started racing, my c*** got rock hard and I could hardly breathe. The procedure probably took 10 minutes or so. Of course I was just excited that I had just seen our baby but I was so h**** now. He left the room and she got dressed again, which didn’t help the situation. She was completely nude under the gown. When she got off the table, took the gown off and used a wipe to clean extra lube off of her p**** lips I about came in my pants. They took us back to the waiting room next. My c*** was throbbing, so I told her I needed to use the restroom. I jerked off like a teenager and erupted all over the bathroom. I had no idea that I would be turned on by another man doing anything with her. I can’t stop replaying the scene in my head and thinking about how it turned me on. I can’t tell her that it was hot and I was totally turned on by it. What do I do now?!?!


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  • Buy some s** toys

  • We’ve had a 10 inch d**** for a long time. I love to f*** her with it while she strokes and sucks me.

  • Time to chuck. Nothing wrong if your wife is good with it.

  • That would be amazing. I have so many fantasies in my head.

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