Really down in the dumpsters!

I am worried about everything, I never switch off and truly relax anymore. I have forgotten what living with love and safety and peacefulness feels like well over decades ago. the other day I went to the toilet and did a pee and noticed blood in the toilet and I was in a public toilet and I was sure it was not there before I sat down so I wiped myself and no sign of period, so I wiped my a*** area and there was a lot of blood. I don't know what the h*** happened I had no poo movements but a little constipated over the summer days for the last week even with drinking a lot of water and salads and exercise and fibre, I was so worried about internal problems or a baby or some other issue i started to cry. my leg has been aching because I fell over and my leg was injured in a few falls and hits in heavy contact sports and its been so sore. I worry. will I ever stop worrying and learn to enjoy life? what is there in life to enjoy anymore? if you can't s*** good without pain and can't stand without pain and can't find a friend or love what dam hope have your got. no I don't want your help quack ducktor charlie kenroe.

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