Forbidden Love

I was engaged when I fell for you. I loved him and I was to be married that next year, happily. But you..You were beautiful and kind thats the best part, you were you. We would stay up all night talking on the phone when my fiancee was being a tool. You would comfort me, make me feel whole. I did visit you a few times. It was nice. We didnt do anything, just cuddled a bit and talked about nothing. I knew you loved me, but you wouldnt say it. I loved you but i'd never tell you, for I was to be married next year. One summer night, you asked me to visit and of course I said yes. My fiancee did not live with me, we wanted to be married first. So I gave him some story about why I wouldnt be answering my phone and I came to you. We cuddled, and talked...then we made love. It was beautiful. It wasnt that it was the best s** ever, it was that the love you put into me was the best I have ever had. Our love lasted for hours but it felt like it was over too soon. We lie there, together, both thinking about my fiancee. Then you said it. quiet as if you did not want me to hear you, but I did. I heard your voice tremble. I heard the emotion behind it. I felt your hand reach for mine as you whispered it to me so soft and so sweet..."I love you." I remember looking over at you, your eyes so blue and beautiful. You called me your blue moon, and your eyes were mine. I loved you to-but i'd never say it, I was to be married next year. But I confess, a year after the wedding..wven now that i havent seen you in ages its hard so i'll whisper it tonight, on my balcony while my husband is sleeping..just to get it out and move on..ill whisper it because I don't want you to hear, but you will. Somehow you will know...*whispers* I love you.

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  • Fiancé refers to groom-to-be
    Fiancée refers to bride-to-be

    You used the term "fiancée" numerous times in your confession, then mentioned husband. I just wanted to inform you of the correct terminology.

  • Why did you marry your husband, when your heart belonged to someone else? Why stay with him, when you belong with this other person? It's unfair on this guy, your husband and yourself.

    It's never too late

  • I want to lay my eyes on you.

  • Ditto

  • Beautiful !

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