Unexpected Encounter

So I went out with a few friends to play pool and have a few drinks. I brought a friend with me. Her and I have been spending a lot of time together, at work and outside. She had to work the next day so we couldnt stay out as long as I'd have love to. She lives far so she asked if she could just spend the night so she wouldnt have as far to go in the morning. So I told her I'd sleep on the couch and she can take my bed. Feeling bad, she insisted on me sleeping next to her, as it is my bed. So I did. At about 2am, she was whispering stuff to me, couldnt quite make it clear. Eventually she admited to me wanting me to spoon with her. So I did. Obviously have a girl's butt against me gave me a h******. She eventually admited to wanting to have s**, but was afraid I'd look at her differently afterwards. I insisted that I wouldnt, and before I knew it, we were kissing and taking our clothes off. While we were going at it, there were roomates living with me. I had to tell the girl to be quiet. She had to cover her mouth as it was pretty rough. A week later, the girl came back over and we actually ended up doing it a second time. This girl is a married woman but wanted to come back for more.

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