Panty wearer since 14

I first started wearing panties when I was 14 I am now 32. It started when my brothers gf started living with us when he got her pregnant. I was going through my drawer to grab some boxers getting ready for school. I ended up grabbing out a pair of my bros gf's panties. I looked at them and wondered how on earth do girls wear these all the time because they look like butt huggers which most men who were once boys know how uncomfortable butt huggers were. Eventually, my curiosity got to me and I slipped them on and what a surprise. They were so comfortable. Then this feeling of sexiness struck me like never before the type of sexiness that men aren't used to. Sure women might tell a man that they are sexy, but does that man feel sexy...probably not. In fact the only time I feel sexy is in women's underwear. So from that day forward I would don a pair of panties every now and then. Today I wear them almost everyday yet unfortunately still in secret for I am ashamed because of society's views on men who wear panties. That main view was that a man who wore parties was gay. But I never been gay I like women and I am only a attracted to women. Now because of these views I have been thinking am I gay? Which lead me to research on this subject only to find out that I am not at all gay in fact I am normal and slightly better than the rest aka the non panty wearing men. Seeing this is making me really think about just telling my gf of 8 years my secret but I'm afraid that she is going to accuse me of being gay then leave me and I would just die after that because I can't imagine life without her. I just don't want it to blow up in my face yet at the same time I'm tired of having to hide it. I love the fact that I have discovered that there are tons of other straight men who do the same. I feel so relieved that I am not gay although if I was it wouldn't be a problem but as a straight man to start to question whether you are gay because of a kink you enjoy only to find out that it's just that, a kink, makes me feel a whole lot better. In conclusion being a man who likes to wear women's panties over men's underwear does not make you gay, you are only gay if you are gay. This is still my biggest fear about being caught or just confessing, is that I might be accused of being something I am not. Thank you for this post and thanks to others who have shared. I will leave you with this, be YOU and DON'T BE AFRAID OR ASHAMED.

Feb 23, 2017

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  • Girlfriend of 8 years?
    Dude, if you're not married yet, I 100% guarantee you're gay lol.
    And yes, wearing panties makes you gay.

  • I love wearing panties. Skyepie_0@yahoo. If you want to see:)

  • Have you told her yet? I love to wear my wife’s pantys. I wear them all day all the time. She will pick them out for me when we go shopping. Love going to VS and trying different one and styles on with my wife and stores help. Don’t be afraid or feel gay because of what others might say. As long as your happy and comfy. Just be your self.

  • Wearing panties and a nightie I get on all fours take my wife's dillldo slide it up my rear Like a good girl and lick my c um off my panties

  • Same here would love having you in my mouth

  • Like wearing panties pantyhose slips bras garters. Also wearing a dress I love women but I like. Dressing like a girl

  • Great story,i have been the same since about 15, am 42 now and love wearing pretty panties at all times too!

  • Me too at the age of 16 I would take my older sister panties and wear them and I'm 37 and I still luv wearing them

  • Me too..I love the silky to stroke myself thru panties and usually slips also, and bring myself to o***** in the panties..sometimes I milk the pre-come lick it off my finger ...very sensual..sometimes I remove the c**-soaked panties and lick and suck th e c** out of em , while I stroke my soft d*** back to life, and some times successfully enjoy a 2nd orgasmic release.. when that 2nd c** occurs I'm in a hyper stimulated nearly euphoric state..
    not much c** released ..but I capture most of it and again lick it off my hand and love to taste it...but only if I'm wearing lingerie and panties... martin

  • Lol that's cool I guess...I stopped wearing women's panties now I have mens panties that my girlfriend see's me wearing and she is ok with it because they are for men they are just as comfortable as women's probably better because of the stitching In the crotch that contours to the s****** and p**** my girlfriend laughs sometimes because she still isn't use to the look but she likes them and we have awesome s** and she likes me to keep the on during s** lol so I highly recommend them plus they are way cheaper then tommy john i get 6 packs for $15 from amazon different colors and styles I have 3 different styles and I'm going to order more styles that I like including the elephant trunk stripper thong lol anyways enjoy yourself.

  • Thank you. Yes now I wear them and feel okay about.

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