Julian assange

I lost all respect for Julian Assange when he started dating Pam Anderson. Eww.

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  • I always hated him. But now that he's banging that magnificent big-breasted s***, I admire him. And envy him.

  • Pam Anderson? Yeah. Totally. Every day. All day.

  • The only men who say they wouldn't date Pamela Anderson are liars. Or queers. Or both.

  • Or simply not interested, for numerous reasons they don't need to mention, to irrelevant people

  • ....."not interested"? gimme a MF break......

  • There are billions of people on earth that are alluring to many people and you find it difficult to comprehend; that some people don't fancy and want to f*** Pamela Anderson?! Give me a MF break, idiot!

  • ....^liar^....^q****^....

  • Lol I am female and I do occasionally tap a lady. But I have acquired tastes and Pamela Anderson isn't my cup of tea :)

  • ....femmefaggot.......

  • Offense stated, but offense not heeded :)

  • Ooh, you're the idiot who always outlines people as "tranny"

  • I'm sure some people, would think similar thoughts about you as well! Now get off your high horse!

  • No they have not, no reason to.

  • Do you read people's mind?! I doubt that. So how do you know, some people don't.

  • Who WOULDN'T date Pam Anderson if they had the chance????!??

  • I would f*** Pamela Anderson sure, I would f*** her 100 ways all over the room and unload hard all over her face and her t*** sure, who wouldnt do that!! Now "date" her? no fuking way!! I dont even think I would kiss her with the amount of c*** that woman must have sucked in her life

  • What's the difference between Pam and your wife or future wife? She'd probably suck your d*** and swallow your s**** out of obligation, not pleasure. And she may have swallowed, just as much c** as Pam.

    People like you want an angel on the surface and a nasty/promiscuous s*** in the bedroom. So regardless if it's Pam or your wife, you actually don't care, admit it.

  • Well no... see maybe TO YOU thats normal but not to me. If when dating I would have found out my wife was promiscuous then I wouldnt have married her. My wife wasnt a virgin sure and I dont know her exact number but I do know for a fact its probably under 4 or 5, if that!

    Im not talking s*** for the sake of talking, a woman who is promiscuous is f****** material sure, but not "dating" material h*** no, not to me. So sorry but Im not being a hypocrite I live by the statements Im saying

  • How many people have you slept with?

  • A person can be promiscuous and discreet about it or boldly promiscuous - where everyone knows about it? Which would you prefer your wife to be?

    A person shouldn't be judged because of their sexual promiscuity, but on their character/as a person. Having a healthy s** life or/and kinky/adventurous s** life doesn't mean the person should be discredited and deemed undateable and only good for being a booty call. I think that's extremely hypocritical and pretentious.

  • Well thats just your opinion and thats fine! Get off your high horse with your "people should or shouldnt" lilke I said you only have an opinion and thats where it ends.

    Yeah sure "in my opinion" a woman does get judged because of her sexual promiscuity, its not even just my opinion, if you dont think thats how society operates Im sorry but you might be too young or you are not very connected with reality. Women do get judged when they f*** a lot and people know about it, they are called whores, s**** and even worse things, so save your "women liberation stand" for the books but thats just not what reality is and if you dont think thats how it is Im sorry but the one being a hipocrite is you!

    So yeah sorry I dont want to have kids with a woman who is seen as a "s***" in society and having to tell future kids "hey you see that guy he f***** your mother... oh and that one too.... oh wait that one too" nope sorry, yeah they are good for just f****** because f****** is not necessarily something serious and thas fine, to begin with if the woman is a s*** shes probably used to "fun f******" so I dont think you would even have to victimize anybody three because of me just wanting to fun f*** her

  • I understand how some individuals such as yourself, view women of promiscuous nature - as whores.

    It's not the way society think, It's the way some individuals in some societies think! And you're one of those individuals, who have this ignorant opinion and perception!

    When you state "society think this way" you're stating you know "how!" society think. And obviously you don't, because there are numerous societies on earth and numerous individuals within those societies. You're "one!" person and don't account for the majority of "those societies" speak only on behalf of yourself and not for the majority of everyone else! You aren't mankind's voice you idiot!

  • You are the doing exactly the same thing by defending your point, you are calling yourself an idiot if you dont notice Capt Genius!

    You think you have an opinion about what "the majority" of society thinks, and Im sorry but you are wrong. You are probably a woman (defending womens right to f*** and not be judged) you are too young (and dreaming that a society is full of good people) or you may be all day online and have absolutely no idea how real people in society think.

    If you dont think the "majority" of the world's combined societies judges a woman when they know she is "promiscuous" sorry but you HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU ARE STANDING. You are probably one of the three cases I described or a combination of them.

    Im not mankinds voice, but apparently I have a better perception than you about what "the majority" of the common person in the world thinks

  • Would she f*** you though, if the opportunity arose?

  • Disrespectful man, for sure! Pam in your opinion is hypothetically; good enough to f***, but not date?!

    Boy, individuals like yourself - have questionable morals! Each to their own, I guess.

    I couldn't do it, I only make love to people I date - hypothetically or otherwise.

  • Well ok thats fine mate, its your decision, personally I think there are women to f*** for fun and women you date and who are possibly marriage material... Pam is the kind of women you just f***

  • I admire him. If I had the chance to tap that, I would tap that. And if I had the chance to marry it, I would marry it. DAMN!

  • Well yeah how many men do you think have f***** her? I mean probably over 50 easily... not only that but every man who has opened those legs wanted to f*** her nasty like a w****, forget about being respectful, it was degrading hardcore s** for her, you want to feel like you own the ultimate w**** in bed. The amounts of s**** that woman has swallowed must be unreal

  • There's no probabilities about it! You simply don't know! Why should you? It's none of your business!

  • I agree with ALL of ^this^.

  • Pam is the s** Bombay!

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