I Feel Like Strangling My High Maintenance Wife Most Days

"B****, b****, b****! B**** all the damn time! No matter what you do a b**** ain't NEVER satisfied!" I heard those sagely words many years ago on a movie I was watching and being a naive kid I had no idea how true those words would prove to be. My wife of 8 years and me have been together since 10th grade, 14 years total, and I have never loved another woman like I do her, BUT I am sick to H*** and back of her constantly complaining! I went to college and work TWO F****** JOBS, we BOUGHT the house we live in, and I don't say a f****** word when she blows hundreds of dollars at the mall on namebrands. I don't complain about her spending because she's just like my mother was with expensive tastes and delusions of grandeur. I let this broad do whatever she pleases with the money I earn and she still isn't content. When I get home, tired as H*** after a long day of work and she starts moaning about stupid s*** and saying she wishes we lived elsewhere or have a new car, I have to stop myself from yelling "B**** YOU MUST THINK WE'RE THE F****** ROCKEFELLERS OR ROTHSCHILDS OR SOMETHING!!!" She grew up in the damn projects smackdab in the middle of Cracktown so I know that she lives a much better life courtesy of me, but she still wants more!

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  • >I let this broad do whatever she pleases with the money I earn and she still isn't content

    You dumbass m***********. ALWAYS be in charge of the finances, and the budget. You're a pushover. Good grief, MAN THE F*** UP.

  • You are rude. grow up child.

  • I think you should go home tonight, grab her by ass and rip her clothes off. Then bend her ass over the kitchen table and just f*** the living s*** out of her. F*** her in the ass if need be. You f*** her until your d*** is about to fall off and then you f*** her again. You do this day after day after day and she'll fall in line eventually.

  • I see, rape is inconsequential to you. Nice to see inhumane individuals are still alive and kicking in society! Not!!!

  • It's not rape. It's marriage. So f*** off.

  • My only questions is: Who still shops at the mall?

  • No one, that's why it's made up.

  • .......sometimes....a b**** just need a beating......................

  • Why isn't she working? It's the 21st Century and women are more empowered, than ever before.

    Why isn't she empowering herself and being independent?

    I personally couldn't have a partner financially supporting me, I prefer supporting myself! My life, my income, my responsibilities, my savings, my spends.

    You have a rotten egg of a wife! You've spoilt her rotten, she needs to learn that nothing in life is free and that if she continues to waste money like she does, she can return to the Cracktown she came from! Simple as that!

  • Dude, you need to cut her off. No more shopping, no more spending, and no more high dollars items. Tell her if she wants to blow money, then she has to get a job. If she don't like it, then there's the door. You'll be better off without her. Expect lots of resistance though, you've let her do it for years.

  • People do to you what you let them

  • If she wants name brand s*** she should pay for it not you

  • Yeah.. Make her get s job. The care of the home and food etc is what you work hard for. If she wants all the BS that is expensive etc ...she can work for it like a g****** adult.

  • Man im sorry you gotta get the f*** out of there with both your b**** lawyer up before she does she sounds like the type that would rape you finacially if you split.

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