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Tell me what else makes you jealous would love to .. you know what:)



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  • I am jealous of her around matty because I like him and she is a b****

  • I am jealous of your mirror which gets the opportunity to see your direct gaze on a daily basis. I am jealous of the sun which reflects off of your skin and illuminates your magnificence. I am jealous of the hot water which is allowed to travel every inch of your body as you shower. And I am jealous of your fingers for the warm wet place they get to go as you think of me before falling asleep.

  • You are also jealous of people that aren't retarded like you.

  • If only you were jealous about the distances that separate

  • I am not jealous at all of the distances that separate. I want us to build a bridge together to eliminate the gap that exists between us.

  • I always hold on the deep love between us ,I am eager to greet whatever differences exist between us with tenderness and tolerance.
    I don’t feel awkward to reveal my vulnerabilities to you.I don’t want to blame others for any situations created i also want us to heal the rough edges and connect in a meaningful way.
    Only thing i don’t know is how to build a bridge... instead i see thick walls standing tall that is so hard to penetrate sometimes.
    Every new morning i revisit this issue with a want to bridge the gap but really don’t know how to fulfill.

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