im the most jealous person i know.

im the most jealous person i know.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm better than you, eat me!

  • we have not met!

  • Quite so.

  • Take up masturbation.

    It cures jealousy AND headaches.

  • someone once told me jeaousy is a wasted emotion because it gets you no where. But we all feel jealousy. I'm pretty damn jealous and sometimes I worry that it makes me seem obsessive, But you know what, its okay. It just shows we are caring or well aware. If you are jealous of other people and feel insecure remid yourself everyday of your talents, the people in your life and the things you do that please others. Just dont get cocky =p

  • Quit being jealous! I hate jealous people. You should be happy for people, strive to do your best so that your life will be cool too. My fiance's niece (who used to be my best friend) is so jealous of me because I have a good job and make good money. The loser should go get a GED or something if stocking shelves at a thrift store aint good enough. Instead she spends all her free time downing me. Try to be happy for others.

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