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I enjoy cutting my d*** with a razor blade and it feels good, especially on my b****. Is this unhealthy? I've gone too deep and made it bleed and at one point I had s**** coming out of the slit and out of my p**** hole, it makes me o***** so hard when I cut my p****. Is this unhealthy or not?

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  • Yes, very unhealthy. Talk to your doctor and get a referral to a good psychiatrist. Good luck to you.

  • The opening sentence... Wtf...

  • .... your a very very very very very siiiiiiiick fuuuuuuuuck.........

  • "Is this unhealthy?" "Is this unhealthy?" You already know the answer. And you already know you have to stop. If you're truly conflicted or confused about this, go first to your family doctor. And then have him/her recommend a psychiatrist. You can't continue this, if you're really even doing it. You are exposing yourself to serious (read" life-threatening") infections, and to infertility, and to humiliation and embarrassment. Stop. STOP.

  • Why would I need a psychiatrist. Plus it isn't embarrassing since me and most of my friends do it together. I thought that a lot of people do it. It feels so good. Unfortunately though my friend accidentally cut too deep into his b**** that he had to surgically removed his testicles which I don't go that far.

  • On second thought, please DON'T stop. Get nice and infected so you can't reproduce. And, color me shocked that you feel the need to argue about it-- you're a dumb kid and a cutter, so all you care about is attention and being convinced you're right. Next time you play with a blade, do it around the neck just under the ear. Go deep.

  • Its been like 3 years and I still don't have an infection

  • Glad you waited 2.3 years to respond dip s***. Go f*** yourself r*****

  • So your still watching for responses after 2.3 years, who's the r***** here lol

  • I just read my email and saw your f***** ass just wait 6 months to respond, you seriously keep coming back? Also still don't have infection and still have more fun than you

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