I'm really mean to people when I comment on their confessions.

I really worry about it.

So, I'm sorry, and I hope you know that I feel bad about it, but I still can't seem to stop myself

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  • If someone is posting fake or horribly-spelled crap, or is a MAGAT or religitard, they automatically deserve it. It's cause and effect, as simple as that.

  • Wow people. This person was apologizing for being a douchebag, and here you are doing the same thing back. Way to be the bigger person.

  • That means these losers deserve it! As if that weren't self-evident.

  • Wow. That's really sad. A troll who apologizes.
    You really ARE a loser!

  • ^ AGREED ! ! ! !

    Don't let it bother you, DOUCHEBAG ! ! !

  • shut up w****

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