But am not gay

I'm straight having a girlfriend. But these days i gotta desire to give a b****** and swallow hot c**.

Am not gay.and i dont get any feelings whenever a man is around me .. but am confused about this thought of BJ. :( :|

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  • When I dress like a girl wearing panties nighties I lick my c** off my fingers and my c** tastes ?mmmmm

  • I fantasized about it and shot my load.
    In the cold light of day though I couldn't imagine myself doing it for real.

  • I tried it one night when I was 18. A friend and I experimented and it ruined our nearly 5 year friendship. Oh and j*** tastes nasty as h***, I damn near puked and to be frank he had the same reaction to mine.

  • I can relate.

    Anyone in the right mind if they're honest, don't like swallowing s****. Who would?
    It tastes nasty!

    I vomited the first time I gave a BJ and my partner came in my mouth. The only people I've witnessed do it, were the idiots in p*** films and even they seemed disgusted by the taste. But they acted like they liked it, for a pay cheque!

    It seems erotic when you read about it, in a racy novel and when watching it transpiring in films. But the reality of it - is different.

  • Is this the same feeling a woman would have whille giving a BJ

  • Everyone is different. I haven't met a straight women yet, that states they've loved the taste of come. My straight friends have tried it and they disclosed they gagged from the taste, no lie

  • I'm also straight!! Married twice and find myself thinking of what it would be like to play with another man's cxxk, may be even tempted to give bj and taste his juice.

  • Hahaha youre not straight if you wanna suck d***

  • You're

  • Just want a*** s**. It feels good like when you C** in me n makes me c** too.

  • Want to take it a*** n swollow C** from a guy maybe 2-3 guys

  • Me too sounds great.

  • Iv been married for 20yrs, 10yrs ago I was staying in a hotel for work. I was in the bar one night and got talking to another bloke, he followed no to the toilet, I was passing when I noticed he had a h****** and was wanking. I went back to the bar, he returned and said iv got some beers in my room if you're interested. With minutes I was in his room and he was sucking my c***. We sat naked drinking beer and sucking c***. Now we meet once a month for s**

  • Oh to have a chance encounter like that and with such an happy outcome.
    I live in hope :-o

  • Most guys c** doesn't taste that great ...but I swallow when I'm with that certain guy because it's what he would like. It must be a power type thing you are missing out on..idk...or being used that way?? Good luck.

  • No amount of feelings/love for someone,
    is a justifiable reason to swallow their love juice! It tastes like f****** s****!

    Mind over matter I guess and each to their own. Ewwww!

  • You that mma tranny!

  • Tranny sucker

  • So? good luck or good lick then knowy!

  • I think you meant to say snowy instead of knowy.

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