I'm a man an I want to have a period. I wish I could bleed like girls do and wear tampons. Is this normal guys?

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  • Young man
    And I won't speculate as to how old you are but you're younger than I. "Bleed like a girl" ? No this is not normal. The desire to be a girl is, for many of us, normal. Should you seek professional help, sooner than later,? by all means, do not use that thought as your opening statement. You will be categorize, index and pigeon whole'd all in one felled swoop. Do tell them of your desire to dress, act, live and feel like a girl. And if your still in school, most schools and guidance councilors (GC) have been trained or are in training for students who wish to dress-up or be transgender.

    As time goes on in your therapy you can introduce the bleed info, slowly of course, and they won't freak on you. (if in fact its even an issue anymore. Young cross-dresser's minds change from day to day). Know this too. Going to the school nurse or GC"s Office ( if your still in school, did I ask that already?) will bring in your parents. So it would behoove you to inform them first. This takes guts but make an appointment with them when its just the 3 of you. No brothers or sisters to goof on you or tease you and fess up to them. Let those chips fall where they may.

    As for parents freaking? Some do, some don't. If they do, its none of your business what they think. Your business is what you think and to achieve your happiness.

    I'm old school and didn't come out of the closet until I was 40. Honey, do I ever wish there were computers and I had come out when I was in middle school or sooner. My old man would have thrown me out the house and my older brother would have have kicked my can from here to kingdom come and back again.. It would not have changed anything. What I needed were dark slutty eyes not black eyes.
    Good luck

  • You wish to bleed from your d? Or your r*****? Whichever it is, it is strange.

  • It's strange because it unusual and abnormal for men to bleed from their divks, like women having their periods. But if it was normal fir men to have a period, it wouldn't be strange.

    However, I agree with you - the OP is strange lol!

    I hate having a period and I yearn for the day, my periods will end. H***, I don't need monthly periods, because I don't want children.

    Hey OP lol you can have mine. Having a period sometimes comes with period cramps, lower back and abdomen pains, mood swings/fluctuate in temperament and if you use a tampon - it needs changing every 4 -8 hours. Period s** is a no go, its disgusting as I feel disgusting when I'm on my period, so why would I add s** to the mix. Ooh and not forgetting it's a constant pain worrying about leakages, so dark clothes are best to wear during these times. Spots appear on my face and my t*** get extremely swollen and sensitive. My appetite increases and I urinate more frequently.

    So, having a period isn't glamorous at all. It's actually a pain in the v*****.

    Having pe

  • Yanno...this is a bit weird and f'cked up, but I can tell you this. The week before my period my nips are so sensitive I can have an O just from them being sucked on. Also that week before I am so hor-ney! It's fun... I am almost insatiable. I also get hor-ney when ovulating which is fun too. I know women complain about their monthly a lot, but mine only lasts a few days, and I barely notice it so I kinda don't mind at all.

  • Is this normal - err no.

  • Speaking as a woman. I wish I did not have my period. It leaves me in a bad mood and I feel weak and feeble for a few days in the cycle. But whatever turns you on.

  • I can relate

  • Aw h*** naw its awesome

  • Normal? No. Sickfuckedupshit? Yes.

  • Put blood in your but.

  • Blood is already in the blood vessels and nerves within everyone's a***.

  • Put some tampons in your mouth and just don't speak.

  • Used or unused tampons

  • Just get someone to shove a few heavy crowbars stick up your ass and have some rocks weigh you down around the abdomen and you know like when you have server diarrhea pain and back ache after chopping a lot of wood and riding a horse and doing a round with a bulldozer. and just get some red paint and squirt it on your pants for everyone to see and you can bleed head ass face and just go away.

  • Idiot, you're as bad as the OP

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