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I am a 63 year old male who put up with wearing uncomfortable mens underwear for 61 of those years. I can't tell you whbub at a blessing it was that 1st time I decided to give wearing ladies panties a go. They proved to be everything I had wished for,
Comfortable with a capital C, and a selection of styles and materials that are undeniably sensual. It has been my pleasure to slip into my panty draw and select my choice for the day. I am considering giving tights and stockings a try out also. Any advice or comments welcome.

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  • Good for you and keep enjoying.

  • Love wearing bras panties slips pantyhose garters also sniffing and tasting them...momspantysniffer

  • Wow I don't even want to know. For petesakes, aside from you we boomers are cutting edge. I'd like to think you fell asleep, Rip. Like where have you been?? We're in the same bracket of age & I have enjoyed the comfort of ladies panties since like '84!! [1984] No comparison. The concept is almost ancient now though. Furthermore, when we were undressing, broads didn't even double_take on them 30 years ago!! As the sergeant said, "belay that soldier".

  • I have worn panties, bras and nighties for years just adore them, about twelve months ago I moved onto suspenders, stockings, pantyhose and heels then my wife started making me up and putting on wigs, I have progressed to full cross dressing now we go out to the park, movies and shops together no one appears to notice it is such a great feeling, my wife loves having s** with me made up with wig and wearing my bra, suspenders, stocking and heels

  • You're lucky she likes it!

  • I am also in my 60's and I wear only woman's panties because they feel so great and my privates never hurt anymore, I only wear Vanity Fair Hi-Cut Panties but have tried other and they feel ok to but like VF the best. Don't worry if they have lace on them, they are still very comfortable. I also wear Camisoles instead of tee shirts, Thigh Hi Nylon's instead of socks and I like the feel of them much better as well. Don't be afraid to explore, enjoy the comfort and your Fem side. If you go to the Dept. store to shop for yourself don't be afraid to ask question, be upfront and let them know they are for you, you'll be amazed how much help they will give you and they will not embarrass you.

  • Do you ever c** in your panties? I do..I luv VF panties as well feel so sexy...

  • Do you c** in your panties? I love VF panties also and love to c** in them!

  • Do you c** in your panties ? I do !

  • I must agree. Victoria's Secret stores are included with gals that help. Of course they think a man is just shopping for his mate, which I do. Then however they are always endeared to help me find panties for myself.

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