How women feel about my wearing women's lingerie.

Since I was about 10 I began wearing Mom's panties. Now 45 years later I still love wearing silky brief panties, short half slips, ladies control panties, thigh high & pantyhose/tights, a soft nylon cup bra, & camisole. I want to know how many ladies would support my wearing them. Please be honest. My ex wife loved this, but we had other issues that led up to our breakup.

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  • Wish I had panty wearing 10yr oldboipussy I would have filled you withcum

  • Big regret here told my wife of my kinks and that eventually lead to the marriage breakdown. She decided I was sick or flawed or something and needed to be fixed.

    Mind you not all women are like this. My mom was very open minded. Each time she discovered some kinky activity of mine, I'd be super embarrassed and beat my self up but mom would hug me and tell me everyone is different.

    For example, as a pre teen I'd acquired a pair of tights and used to wear them under my jeans. Mom found them and washed them because they were pretty stinky and talked to me and I was super embarrassed but she says nice and from then on there were always tights in my dress ups draw. Later I acquired a girls leotard and the same thing happened where I tried to hide it and she found it.

    So women are all different

  • Sorry dude, in the UK you'd be frowned upon.
    Wearing knickers if you find them comfortable,ok,but the bra and use of your mothers is a bit creepy.
    Think you seriously need to evaluate yourself and be honest with who you are.
    Trans action are a good charity.

  • What a load of crap. You speak for the entire UK do you? Give me a break. You're just a narrow-minded idiot.

    OP there's plenty of women in the world who like men who aren't vanilla. Join a swinger site and make some friends who share your passion for crossdressing. Good luck and keep dressing! X

  • Believe me I'm far from vanilla šŸ˜…
    But a dude dressing up in bra and panties? Give over!
    He's a tranny plain and simple.

  • Yes. He's a 'tranny'. So what?

  • So stamp on the vile creature!!

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