Lip fetish

I fricken loe lips! im a lip artist and decorater in L.A on maple ave. 663 i have a beauty and cosmetic shop calleps molly's. my names is charlie im a famae im 21 years old and i fricken want to just... bite,scratch,cut,touch and do sexual things to lips. i get turned on all the time to a point to where i get wet and hot every 5 mins. i love lip and if ya ever want anything to do with me and your lips male or femae stop by askk or charlie madison


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  • There's definitely something sexy about lips. My hot older sister has very full, gorgeous lips that she highlights well with lipstick or shade. She used to sell cosmetics, and would apply trial stuff to herself. I'd watch and tell her how different things looked, including various lipsticks and shades. Would get to taste them on her, too..I've dated women and brought them around her (mistake, as she's hotter than most of them), and they come away saying "I wish I had those lips of hers...Gorgeous".

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