Wearing a wig in the booth

Iuse to like to where a wig at a adult book store and go to the booths and see how many men would let me suck ther c**** I would were lip stick so my lips were ready there's something that about me that like s to look like a girl and have men use my mouth for fun

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  • I don't need to wear a wig for I am 19 and definitely a girl but I love going to p*** stores look at the magazines and see who is watching me the go into a booth to view some flix and before you know it I am not alone. Several times watching the flix I would begin to m********* and all of a sudden someone else's hands were upon me and I would not stop them and usually we end up having s** in the booth. Last week it just wasn't one guy it was four and they all had their way with me. One guy didn't have any rubbers but I let him f*** me anyway and he c** deep into me and told me he was sorry but I kissed him and told him it was ok and he f***** me again and gave me more of his c** again.

  • I am a 28 year old woman and I like you often go to glory hole places and suck off strangers c***, it is a risky business though I once was doing it at a rest stop and ended up gang raped by 5 guys on bikes, I did not so much mind the rape but they all did me bareback and I was worried about disease.

  • The police busted the rest stop for this. men were sucking through the portable toilet holes. ass f****** in the woods behind. I dont think you need a wig, if they are willign to stick a d*** in a hole, it will not matter who or what is on the other side. they just want a blos job.
    My guess is in a book store you could suck all the d*** you want. Lot of perverts there.

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