Aunt advances

I am 26 and having a girlfriend . I have been seeing unusual behavior from my aunt. May be I am wrong and these may be my wrong feelings but I am confused what to do. Read the following and comment if its normal from her side or I should tell these to my girlfriend ( that my aunt is making advances towards me)

1) Whenever I stand next to her, She always moves her fingers over my shorts and touches my bums.

2) she always tries to stand close to me and I have often observed that my elbows touch her b**** - as soon as it happens i move away

3) the other day, when she visited us, she hugged me for a good 15 seconds and grabbed my ass and was pushing it more towards her crotch area(like dry humping)

I am worried how do i tell my girlfriend about this.

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  • Clearly she is into you.. lucky man

  • She wants to be f*****. thats all.

  • Don't tell your girlfriend or anyone else, just get round to having your aunt blow you and you get to finger, lick and f*** her p****.

  • Are these her advances towards me or am just worried too much ?

  • S**** it, f*** her.

  • Ask yourself if 1) you find auntie attractive? 2) would you want it to go further? 3) how old and sexy is auntie and is there a man in her life 4) do you get an erection when she does it or when you think about it afterwards? Oh and don't tell the girlfriend if any of the answers are yes lol

  • I dont think this is a sign of anything.. it can be accidental too. am not sure though..

  • Give her what she wants. Dont ever ever tell it to anyone.

  • Is your aunt hot? If so, go ahead and f*** her.

  • Just straight up tell her. You haven't done anything wrong and have nothing to be ashamed of, and so far you're not accusing anyone of anything either. You're just giving your girl the facts and asking for her opinion and advice.
    Good luck!

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