It used to be

It used to be long ago that it seemed God wanted me around you and if I tried to leave, everything in my life fell apart. Now, I feel God wants me only for him, I feel that he pities me, that he sees you for how you are, that my job is now done with you. I've tested it and when I separate myself from you, the spell is broken and God smiles upon me. I feel he knows how horribly you have treated me all these years, even when I didn't have the complete picture. My story is one lived in pain in the background, while you had it all really. The one thing you don't have, that I have, I sacrificed for you and for this.

I pray that God unchain me from you completely, that he takes me for him only, to devote myself to him for better purposes than to help you. If I had never met you, my life would have been a fuller life, you took my best years and drew them out, toyed with them and make a mockery of my love. I think you will find many changes happen now, I know you tried but you fell victim to your temptations and in the end, you have brought immeasurable pain into this world.

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