My embarrassing story

So when I was twelve I was changing (I'm a girl btw) and my dog was laying on my bed and when I bent down to grab something my dog hopped of and started to lick down there. At first I was worried and then it felt good so I kept allowing her to do it when everyone was out of my house. It felt so good and I would tie my legs up so that I didn't stop her from licking it feels so good.

If you want to know what it feels like read below: censored

I pull my pants and shirt off and then tie my legs to my bedposts with belts. I then would call my dog and she would come running. She jumped onto the bed and then started licking my p****. It hurt for me because I wasn't used to it and I moaned occasionally in pain but she didn't stop. Sometimes she would bite me too. She would stick her nose up in my p**** and then lick with her long smooth tongue. I sometimes took another belt (I had a lot of belts) and would tie it tighter than I thought was possible around my t***. I couldn't sit up without my t*** aching and so I laid back as she licked my p****. It felt so good and then when I was 13 I kept doing it and it just feels so good



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  • When newlyweds my husband traveled so he gave me a Labrador for companion. We lived in Miami. I used to sweat my panties a lot. One day I noticed he was smelling my dirty laundry and made me desired. I took my top off and did my laundry topless around him. It was very arousing. I put my top and shorts on and took him on a walk. It was pretty hot outside. Once back at home i took my shorts and top off and hung around topless. I hadn’t shower since the day before. I was smelly all over. He came over to smell and lick me all over. I felt so desired.

  • I like this story .
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  • Any girls who let their dog lick them or let's them inside them. Snapchat me. Andyc2104

  • Wanna come over and feed my dog?

  • Is it the same dog that you bend over to let f-u-c-k you?

  • Every guy on the planet and a lot of girls would love to see a smooth hairless​ p u s s y being eaten by a dog. Seeing a girl of 12, 13 or even better 5 to newborn forced spreading her tiny c u n t lips with a dog would sure make me take over and force me to shove my big c o c k deep inside her and fill her with my c um. Bet you wished your parents had the dog licking you from the day your mom pushed you out. Tasting, rubbing and fin gering fresh cun ny before a full day on earth is a must in my family. Generally a couple of months before I can get my entire c o c k inside though. Can't damage the goods too soon when you plan to use them everyday​ until they're 18.

  • You are a f****** pedophile, kill yourself fucktarx

  • That is so hot... have you actually done that to a baby?

  • Not uncommon, dogs are a girls best friend... would love to see that o***** spread across your h**** little body...

  • WHAT type of dog😍😍😍

  • Can we talk? ;)

  • If you still do it, add my Snapchat "onetalkplease"

  • Was the dog as least of consensual age?

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