To wanting my 21 year old daughter.
Cute sexy and a massive 34dd t***.
What dad wouldn't get thoughts passing through his head.


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  • Also you should post this s*** in the naughtypost, i don't want to read this s***. you're f***** up man.

  • Just listen to howard stern. he says life is not about p****. just watch p***, j*** off and move on.

  • Done it only with friends daughters panties let me tell you some of them smelled and tasted so good still j*** off just thinking..momspantysniffer

  • The only way your going to get a taste. Is to sniff and lick a pair of her used panties also leave c um tracks on her panties you can also leave drops of your c um on the crotch of the panties she has not worn you know the ones in her dresser...momspantysniffer

  • The law and I couldnt hurt them.
    But I still love my fantasies!!!

  • They're Natural thoughts. Don't. Listen to these idiots! I would love to f*** my 2 daughters but I can't!

  • Why not just get your c*** out and get them to hold it and show them how easily it slips into their young c***'s and f*** them both, that what i did to my two daughters and now we f*** each other regularly.

  • A normal person wouldn't want that s***. You're a f****** pervert. You should be castrated.

  • He sick but you are here too now think about that

  • So...why haven't you acted on it? I know a guy and his daughter who have anot excellent s** life together! So go for it!

  • Let her have her own life and pay more attention to your wife.

  • My wife stopped letting me f*** her for some time, so my daughter said i can f*** her instead and she as just had my baby and she a girl, i can't wait till she get's older.

  • Just rape her man

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