Guys Always Talk To My **

I'm fed up with guys who stare at my ** when they talk to me. So ** disrespectful. I don't stare at their ** when I talk to them, why do these bozos have to stare at my **?

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Teen girls **

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  • I wish I knew where you were so I could follow you around and stare at your **.

  • It just shows that you are a very attractive smart and strong woman

  • maybe you should cover them up? if theyre hanging out of ur shirt then... your just giving them what they want to look at.. its your own fault if your not covering it up.

  • Have you ever thought that they may look better than your face??

  • Kiss my **, Pencil **!

  • I have the same problem, but instead, girls look at my **! So.. Girls, dont call us pervs, jerks nor pigs. Because it is boasted upon you too. Stop looking at our ** and we will stop looking at your **. You cant get anything free and we cant! If a war you want, so it's a war you'll get.. It's simple as that.. 8-0 (me looking at your **)

  • In your dreams.

  • in my dreams?! It happens live doll face! Read "women talks to my **'' in the first page of ** confessions..

  • Look MAN! We are not the one who desire ** at all time! You are like a monkey who cant stopping having a benana

  • Oh ok, so we are not the one who give you the satosfaction of your orgams?! And you are like a dog, we throw a stick and you follow it as it's a ** for you.. And good spelling with the benana!

  • I don't think any woman should have to deal with men blatantly staring at her **. It's disrespectful and demeaning.

    As a man, when I see a woman with a nice rack I do everything I can to avoid getting caught staring, short of not looking at all.

  • IF ur complaining about men looking at ur ** u should blame push up bras and shirts that show alot of cleavage. Be honest, push up bras are suppose to make breast appear more fuller. The appearance isnt for u, but for those looking at u..dont complain...

  • I get that too. It was worse in high school when guys would pretend to drop things to try to get a peek up my skirt. Perverts!

  • I hated that high school ** too. Pervy guys always trying to look up your skirt. Jerks!

  • Wow! That brings back memories. I used to do that and loved it when I saw **, especially those ** black ones.

  • Would you give up your big **,(I assume), to have small **? Be truthful.

  • It would be easier on my back so I'd settle for a reduction.

  • I too have small **, but for the OP, please don't modify your true body, and ignore the guys who just stare and do that. They really can't help it. It doesn't mean they think of you as an object, actually I read that they notice them because the big ones are noticeable. So they are just **, embrace them, as lots of girls only wish they had big **. Don't worry, people fall in love with people, not **. I sometimes feel bad, because men only seem to like big breasted women, but people like all sorts of things anyway, so I'm not gonna worry anymore. Neither should you. Just don't become some perverted person's lover because perverts **.

  • Thank you for your helpful information. I think women with smaller ** look more natural and better proportioned, and they don't have to worry about backaches.

  • How big are those babies?

  • None of your business.

  • I have the same problem. And it's not like I show them off. I dress modestly, yet guys still stare at them. They are such pigs!

  • OINK, OINK,............. OINK!

  • Men like **, just brush it off. In fact, I am sitting here imagining talking to you and staring at your **. OOPS, Sorry!

  • This is what I mean. Men are such pervs with one thing on their minds. It's enough to make a girl go **.

  • Then you would have lesbians staring at your ** instead. LOL

  • You must have an awesome set of **!

  • I do.

  • got any pictures...

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