Someone's revenge

Someone threatened to ruin my life because they loath to see me happy without them. They loath the rejection. Their loved into loath. This person wants to ruin my life. I'm not sure if I should worry about this. In fact, I don't even care. They're doing their best to set permanent obstacles on my way, but I'm not a quitter. In fact, I'm used to fighting dilemmas in life. If it was a quitter I wouldn't have dealt with this long time ago. This person has a background with "law" involved. I'm not even scared. If I die, at least I know I loved and forgave everyone. If I die soon, then it is probably meant to happen because it pretty much means I deserve better than the existence of this life. I fight 'till death. I don't let anyone get close to me because it can put another's life at risk. People tell me to get some help from police, but what if I tell them that they're not helpful due to the lack of evidence. They don't see what I see and honestly, that's not their fault. I don't blame them. I don't think this person has even realized that I'm not afraid to die. Isn't death an easy way to escape from living a h*** on earth? But I'm trying my best to convert that h*** into heaven and it's definitely working because if it didn't, they wouldn't have ever existed in my life to sabotage my heavenly life. I don't worry much anymore. I just tell them that do whatever they want to do and I'll continue to fight, fight and fight. Yes, a woman like me still exists.

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