Confused in love

There is a man at my work who i think i'm about to have a affair with. we have been talking about our marriages and neither one of them is any good. in fact we talk about all things just everything. we have told each other that we love the other one and we are so close in every way. we didnt have s** yet but i'm pretty sure that will happen and it will be soon. i love him but i know its wrong to love him. and i think he feels the same thing. i want him in me so deep and long and hard and i want it to go on and on and on and on but the whole thing is scary and confusing.

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  • Yes you are right the employment regulations say we cant get involved with coworkers. him and me both know this is wrong in so many ways and thats why we didnt do anything yet but i can feel it coming on. i feel like we are both trying hard to stop it but somehow that just makes it worse. i want him so bad i can actually taste it. lots of times i can just look at him and i can feel him already in me even though hes acrsoss the room. somehow i think that NOT having him is worse than taking the chances of HAVING him.

  • If your marriage isn't any good then get a divorce. Work relationships that turn romantic can become very messy and quite often do. Is there a clause in your employee handbook about dating a coworker? Do you want to risk not only breaking a promise to your husband but also being sacked at work? It can feel fresh and exciting in the moment but there are other things that need to be considered. Do you think this other man will stand by you if your husband throws you out for adultery and you lose your job? What if he loses his job and is thrown out by his wife?

  • I think you should just go to work and tell him you want to f***. Then go do it.

  • That is so totaly exactlywhat i want to do....just throw aside all the pretending and just get up on him!

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