My neighbors wife

I helped with the neighborhood block party and after everything was over and neighbors were calling it a night. I was one of the last left to clean up.While in my garage my neighbors wife Stacy walked up and asked me if I needed any help and then asked me if I cared to drink one last beer together.Me not thinking anything of it agreed. After a while the talk became intimate and before long she was all over me trying to get a get her hand in my shorts.After a while of trying to discourage her afraid of getting caught I just let her continue. Wanting to see just how far she would go , before you know it she was hungrily sucking on my d***,
I was so afraid and at the same time my heart was racing. Next thing you know she slides down her shorts and bends over for me to s**** her doggie.this all happened so fast and before you know I'm exploding inside of her.I felt tremendously guilty but at the same time be honest anyone of my friends would have called me a dumbasses for turning her away. Either way she has given me so much confidence and the good thing about it is she has not changed her attitude towards me or hasn't made me feel guilty. I sometimes wonder if her hubby knows what we did and put her up to it. Oh well!!


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  • Look, if this scumbag can't find a way to copulate with you further, she played you for her enjoyment with no consequences. This reads like there's a n_i_gg_e_r_ in the woodpile.

  • Her husband may have put her up to it. Our neighbor had been single the entire time we lived next to him, about six years. He went through a bad divorce and had no confidence at all when it came to women no matter how many times we both told him how good looking he was and would have no problem getting a date. So on our neighbor Gary's birthday my husband had to go out of town , he call me and asked me to go over to Gary's house and make his birthday a good one. At first I wasn't sure what he meant then he said " you know maybe give him a handjob ".
    I made a nice dinner and invited Gary over for his birthday. He asked if I was sure my husband wouldn't get mad with him being there while my husband was gone. I told him it would be our little secret, we ate and had a few drinks before I started flirting with him. I finally had him pinned against the cabinets and started kissing him and told him I wanted to give him his birthday present. With in a few minutes I was on my knees giving him a b****** right in our kitchen.Not long into the b****** he asked if he could please f*** me? I lead him right to our bed and let him f*** me, he only lasted a few strokes before he came in me. A hour later he was f****** me again and lasted much longer the second time. To this day my husband thinks I just jerked Gary off on my t***. The truth is I have f***** Gary a few times a month over the last two years.

  • In this age your story true or not, is so common it will make your head spin. I almost fell asleep however I'll take the opportunity to tell you that you are doing a Man a world of good by your extramarital activity with him. You 2 seem to follow the right equation ; keep it steady, fulfilling & low key. Just don't be like most dames by eventually dreaming up some excuse to be tired of him f_u_c_k_i_n_g you. You are at the top o' Gary's list & have lead him to this point. Keep it hidden, uncomplicated & covert from your spouse & you 2 will have a continued amazing affair. I know he enjoys his intimate times with you.

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