I hate Mexicans

I hate them.

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  • ....yah spics are the worst.........

  • Why do you hate yourself!?

  • Why? Did one of them f*** your momma?

  • So racist. Of course one of them didn't f*** his mama. ELEVEN of them did.

  • Haha what did they ever do to you as a whole? how has your life been soo negatively affected by mexico? lots of hot women, resorts, and tequila as far as ive seen........

  • Amen cant stand'em or their stupid f***** language, im white

  • I can't stand dumbass religious people

  • Orale wey porque no me pasas a tu mama para chingarmela por el culo, seguro le gusta

  • Back atcha, you miserable f****** spic.......

  • Are you black? Cause only black people are allowed to be racist.

  • ^ditto^

  • Me, too. And Chinese.

  • These guys probably got the s*** beat out of them and their only shot back at them is through this post lol

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