Just born to die

Apart from the huge mental, emotional and physical responsibility having a child puts on you, and the financial drain of trying to raise a somewhat functioning human in this torrid world, the worry is the kicker.

Always with the worry. It never stops. What if some f***** hurts him? Police brutality. Terrorism. Crazy girlfriend. Depression. Crime. Drugs. It goes on and on. Also, if you have anxiety or depression before you have kids it doubles. Triples. Quadruples.

The worst trip? Knowing that you brought them into this world to die. That's all it is. A set up. Birth and death, and a hope that thing in between resembles something like a life.

Our parents theoretically murdered us by birthing us, and I've stupidly done the same. Set him nicely on death row. For F**** sake. I hurt when he hurts, I cry when he cries, I want to full out murder anyone who makes him feel less than amazing, but I'm the parent so I gotta be this strong, stable force. It's exhausting, it's maddening. All of it is.

So in answer to your question society, no. If I could do it all again, I wouldn't have a kid, and it's why I'm cashing in at only one.

Apr 6, 2017

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  • Too bad you came to your senses AFTER you went and reproduced. Was that really necessary?

  • Mom of the year raising the next serial killer.

  • You're such a bundle of joy and ray of sunshine, aren't you lol with a mentality like yours, your child is screwed anyways! Come on idiot, just live and stop f****** worrying about things that are out of your control!

  • With few exceptions, having kids is definitely within a person's control. Unlike dumbfucks like you, OP actually thinks about what her kid will have to deal with, both internal and external. I'll give her credit for doing that much. Too bad most people just breed like cockroaches, with about the same amount of thought going into it. Are you one of them?

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