The Typical Mess

I had an affair. We fell in love. We were truly in love. However, we broke it off because his wife found out and threatened to tell everyone. I stayed away for a month. Then I wrote him a brief email telling him I'd always love him and I hoped he was happy. He didn't respond. Why? Did I actually mean nothing? Was everything a lie? What's going on?

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  • Why should he respond? If he's really trying to move on and make it work with his wife, there's no reason to answer you. Even if he still has feeling for you, he probably figures he already said what he has to say.

  • No numerals needed here. If you're a young girl, cool ; if you're not young, you should be. Affairs occur at all ages however your knowing he was married going in told you much more about him than he knew of your motives girl. That stated, Get Over Yourself & try to follow me here :
    Look, of course you love him & always will. Some men are created for & to love, respect, admire, learn from & follow. On the other hand, women were created at least partly as a depository for a man's s**** [in continuity of the species]. You appear to be mature enough to comprehend that assumption.
    You writing the congenial follow up message is proper etiquette for a woman and can be received at face value, nothing more. Relax girl ; the inverse of this occurs as well.

  • The person below who said they flame up and then flame out has it right.

    Also the woman is always just his play thing on the side.

    I'm a guy 50 wife does not want s**. I love her very much but she does not seem to love me. Me and this lady 45 used to have coffee and just talk about our lives. She got a crush on me. I told her I wasn't interested in recreating my marriage relationship. I wanted to do all the things kinky things that my wife would never go for.

    I told her I wanted to spank her. She said ok. Now I sometimes choose her clothes and make her buy and wear short skirts. I spank her, whip her and cane her.

    After each painful session I hug and gently kiss her for several hours until she stops shivering and sobbing.

    It's like the more demanding I am the more willing she is.

    But in all of this she's just my play thing. My doll.

    If my wife showed any intimacy. Any libido. Any overt love for me, I'd drop the other woman in an instant.

    So if you are the other woman understand that's all you are.

  • ....s***............hope your happy......

  • You were the side chick that's all. That's what you get for messing around with a man you knew was married. You are nothing more than a home wrecking w**** !

  • Put the blame whete it truly belongs. Bitter much?

  • It belongs to both of them-- the cheating husband AND the OP who thought it was okay to sleep with a married man. Stupid much?

  • Lol you've obviously been cheated on

  • You used the critical word yourself. It's "typical". That is simply what happens in these extramarital relationships. They flame up, and then they flame out. Typical. It seems real, even more real than an actual marriage, but it's not real. Typical. And when the partners finally recognize that they've been living in a dream state, that's when the screen starts flashing, "Game Over". Yep, typical.

  • I doubt you were BOTH "truly in love": I think he was probably something less than "truly in love". But even if he was "truly in love", his lack of response would easily be explained by either (a) wanting to avoid reconnecting to what he felt for you, and may still feel for you, in the interest of preserving his marriage, or (b) not wanting his wife to find out that he'd written to you, even if it wasn't a romantic message. While I understand your urge to assume the worst, this is one of those situations where there is no benefit in assuming ANYTHING. Let it go.

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