I almost died but then did not almost die.

Around Christmas, I planned on killing myself. I was going to drive home for winter break (I'm a College student) and on the way home I was going to "accidentally" drift off the interstate and into a tree or bridge or something. While I was in the process of tying up loose ends (resolving old arguments, making ammends, that sort of thing) I accidentally let slip "I'll be leaving soon". One of my more perceptive friends freaked out because she realized what was happening. I quickly made up a story about how I might be dropping out or something. But the how concerned she was made me decide not to do it. I had never considered that some people would be upset about my dying.

I'm doing a lot better now, but the whole experience was huge for me. The emotions of finally setting a day to kill myself and the suddent j*** back to deciding to live. I want so bad to tell her that she saved my life. I never can though. It was one of the biggest things to ever happen to me and I can't tell anyone. It's eating me up inside.

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  • This is a wonderful story, and it's an important one. I think you absolutely should tell her what she did for you. In fact, I think you MUST tell her. And then you should tell a mental health professional about it, someone who works in suicide prevention. With your personal experience, you would make a perfect counselor for people who are now where you were then. Don't let this pass into your past without taking some action on it. I am so very VERY happy for you, and thrilled that you were able to share this success with all of us. Keep sharing it. You are a wonderful example. Be well.

  • Tell her I bet it'd make her so happy, not to mentions great weight off you

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