I'm a bit embarrassed about it, I don't want to tell anyone for fear of them thinking I'm crazy. I've been having strange nightmares. I'm a college student studying game design. I'm working on a horror game as a personal side project. I made an animation that would play sometimes if the monster catches the player: The monster pounces on the player, pins him to the ground and ,with one hand, pulls his head off.
Something about this really spooked me and I've been having nightmares about my videogame ever since. The premise of my nightmares (and the game) is that I (or the player) wake up in a strange apartment. I have to get out before the monster notices and kills me. (my monster is a tall, thin, corpse-like man. He has long, sharp fingers, wears a mask and walks on all fours)
It does not help that I based the game environment on my own apartment.

I can't stand to work on the game, even though I'm almost done with it. I'm obsessing over this thing. It's my own damn monster and I feel like the biggest a****** in the world about it.

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  • When you have nightmare you are living in the past and its the brains way of strategizing to survive and sort out the rubbish of the day. to be honest, if things are making so bad that you are having nightmare maybe you need to put it aside for a while and come back to it at a later stage. go do something uplifting and go see a gp about the nightmares. nightmares are normal to some degree and everyone has had them children get them for no reason at all or for major causes and just anxiety of separation from a loved one or we get them typically after a bad life event, or seeing a spooky movie or just our fears and its normal for the brain to sift information processing around. i would say go do something fun and something that lifts up a more positive mood for a while.

    if your game developing needs improvement or creative change often it will come to you in dreams or you need to get help working as a project with a group of game developers, the characteer is impacting on your waking daily life and sleep and that is not good. so you really need to step back from it because you can see a picture like that almost anywhere in kids cartoons or games or movies etc and remind yourself that its not real.

    i dare say actors suffer this trauma as well in creative projects and need a venting area.

  • Does your game give the player the capability to defeat or destroy the monster? That sounds like something that might help.

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