The competition

This whole thing started with an accidental text to a friend of mine. We have been best friends since childhood and married best friends, My wife and his have been best friends since middle school.
One afternoon we were texting and i meant to send him a picture of a fresh dent in the fender of my car that i had received as a nice present for parking an expensive car in the mall parking lot but accidentally sent him a picture of my wife from behind in a thong that i had taken that morning while she got ready for work.
We texted back and forth laughing about the situation and he sent me a picture of his wife leaning over in their kitchen showing a LOT of cleavage (She is very well endowed) and a few days later out of the blue i got a picture from him in the middle of some random conversation of his wife in a pair of "Booty shorts" and then it was on.
For the past two months we have been trying to out do each other with sneaky and sometimes not so sneaky pictures of each others wives. We have a secret "Code question" to ask if the other is ok to receive a photo and if the answer is yes then it is sent.
Both my wife and his are nice looking girls and have similar builds with the exception of his wife being considerably more top heavy than mine but mine has a better behind and legs, The whole thing was pretty tame with mostly cleavage or thong shots until a couple weeks ago. I was laying in bed after we had all been out clubbing and got "The question", My wife was snoring so i said yes and he sent me a video of his wife sleeping while he pulled her top down showing her big, Brown nipples.
The clip was about ten minutes long and he pulled her top down and started flicking her nipples then started pulling them, I thought for sure she would wake up but at the end she just rolled over and he sent "Beat that".
I tried but got my hand slapped as my wife grunted and rolled over so then my quest was on. For three days i tried to get something that would compare to what he had sent me but couldn't get anything except the regular cleavage, legs and behind shots until one morning i was home from work and the kids were all gone outside. My wife had gone to the gym and when she returned home went to shower, I walked in to our ensuite/Closet and had my phone in my hand sneakily taping her as we talked, She never thought anything of it as she wandered around undressing down to her panties and then said "get out, i have to pee".
After checking the video and realizing i had actually gotten some pretty good footage of her topless i asked "the question", I got a no reply but later that afternoon he texted me "Yes", My video was sent and things were taken to the next level.
His wife is apparently a much heavier sleeper than mine so my challenge is much harder since he just waits until his wife has had a few drinks and apparently he can do pretty much whatever he wants to her. He has sent me pictures and videos of pretty much everything including full nude when she is passed out and a video of her on her side while he spread her cheeks and rubbed her back door with his finger so i thought.
Until last Friday i was struggling to compete with his level of exposure since my wife is pretty reserved and doesn't show a lot normally but all day my wife had been dropping hints that she was feeling frisky so after the kids were in bed i showered and crawled into bed while she went and showered. I set up my phone on my night table as inconspicuous as i could and left my lamp on, My wife came out of the shower in some very nice lingerie i haven't even seen before and i recorded 30 minutes of the best video i have ever watched and rewatched over and over and over.
I spent the whole time trying to position her the best possible way to expose her to the camera and at the end i got a full 40 seconds of her on her knees, bent over with her backside 2 feet from the camera while she finished me with her mouth. The next day i watched the video at least three times before asking him the question and when he replied yes i was reluctant to send it but i did.
It took about an hour before i got back a stickman emoji bowing down and a text saying "You win". I hope he doesn't give up that easy.

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  • If the wives ever find out, you two are in deep s***. But then again they may like it and you end up swapping. I would pitch the idea to them just to know where you stand.

  • How do you know the wives might be doing it to you husbands as well.

  • Why do you enjoy degrading wives together? and are you both poofters ? or is this a sort of partner swap plan or a lets make our selfish blutch wives look fools game? you can post them on fuckbook minus their face

  • What? your comment doesn't even make any sense.

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