Self embarrassed and self pleasure, both..

Once I was talking with my friend and then i abused to him. The coordinator of my school was just behind me and she heard me saying. I was stunned.
Coordinator went and came back after 45 minutes approximately. Then she said me to stand on the bench and get naked. When I refused. She called some girls of my class and said them to take off my clothes. Then these forced me on the floor and they teared my clothes. Then i was standing on bench holding my ears. Then the coordinator ordered each girl of my class to slap me tightly on a single cheek 10 times. Then the teacher paraded me in the school ground. I was standing naked in sunlight for 3 hours and then i was forced to wear a girl's panty and a bra and then i have to dance. While dacing girls were beating me with a wooden scale on my hip. All this because i said Teri maa ka gand behen keclode saale teri maa ka bhosda radi ke.........

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