Does my crush like my bff or me?

I can't tell if my crush likes me or my bff because he hangs out with the both of us because we are always together. I know he likes one of us because he flirts with us and stares at us. HELP! HOW DO I KNOW?

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  • He likes both of you

  • He might like both of you and be waiting to see what will happen, who will make the first move. don't over read things people do, he might be just messing around but then he could be just as confused as you. like I know I like a guy who I pay to be an instructor and he is hot, and I actually play down my attraction to him when we are together so I doubt he even knows I like him, because he told me he has a partner and he has talked about his sister and I am afraid to show my feelings until I know he would even like me or if i would be wasting my time, so when i am with him I really don't show much gush for him as I don't want to frighten him away completely. just play it cool. ask your self who you like most and why and get his phone number and tell him if he would like to go out alone with you and date you? tell him genuinely how you feel when you feel comfortable to, cuz he will eventually send signals of who is likes most and be careful because its at that time your so vulnerable to attack from friends and also self-sabotaging. you can also apologise and say "hey, that is fine i just thought you liked me? and I wanted to tell you how I felt" because nothing is done that can't be undone in relationships!

  • Make a clear list of why you like him, what you feel you have to give him. how your values or likes might be similar and also likely barriers to him dating you. have a clear picture of what you want and tell him. don't rush into a big serious thing and babies and marriage but there are ways over time you can let those topics come up to get an idea of what he values. what his ideal woman is etc. and based on your age what is relevent, go talk to your mum when in doubt. and be careful of your friend back stabbing you, as I have been through that. some girls backstab and friendship with another girl means nothing compared to with the guy and if you compete for him you will have to be careful. you need to make it clear asap to him you like him and tell your friend your a couple so she will know to back off. but you must tell him first.

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