Wife's affair

I went to Spain to work for two weeks 3 year ago. I didn't have an thought about my wife may be unfaithful at all while I was gone.
We went to the supermarket last week and we're coming home and talking about s** whilst driving in the car. I told her she was beautiful and did men ever hit on her. She said yes of course and I asked her if she was ever tempted? She said sometimes but not very often. I said go on then I'll give you a free confession and I won't get mad if it's an answer I don't like. So I said ok have you ever had s** with anyone since we've been married? She looked at me and said the truth, I said yes. Ok she said yes I had s** with one guy 3 years ago whilst you were working away.
I was gobsmaked !!!!
She said she met someone whilst out with the girls and exchanged phone numbers.
Then she had met him in pub at lunand he'd invited her back to his house nearby. Whilst in the kitchen he'd made a drink and the put him hand on her waist and pulled her towards him. She told me they kissed and he had felt her b****** also. He invited her upstairs where he had undressed her and removed my shy wife's bra and squeezed and sucked her t***.
Then moved to the bed and pulled off her jeans the removed her panties whilst giving her oral s**. The proceeded to have s** all afternoon stopping for a short time whilst he f***** her again !!
I was appalled and turned on and h**** at the same time. I took her in the house stripped her and f***** her hard and we both had amazing o******. I have to be honest it turns me on she's been f***** by someone else and I've said if she wants to do it again she can do. She has said thank you she wouldn't mind but not with anybody it'd have to be right. I want the story of it from her tho !!
Is this normal or do many others enter into this as a turn on ?

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  • Your wife will get fatter and so will you for this while I get thinner and thinner and richer and prettier and cleverer and healthier. you deserve to be fat ww/km, mh, kcac.

  • Well look at all the weight and fat falling off me everyday so fast and how healthy i am now. and I am richer and prettier. never the last time. it goes on and on til I am at my best always and infinity.

  • Well I never been to Spain
    But I kinda like the music
    Say the ladies are insane there
    And they sure know how to use it
    They don't abuse it
    Never gonna lose it
    I can't refuse it

  • Hearing about your wife's indiscretions is Def a turn on. Think of the little s*** getting her pootang filled with another man's j*** is a huge turn on. Or maybe she swallowed his load. Wouldn't you like to have watched it?

  • Yes if I'm honest, when I heard I was appalled but now on reflexion to think of him unavailing and kissing her bare b****** and pulling her panties off and seeing her gorgeous bare p**** for the first time is a real turn on. She said he came twice as well and no condoms were used !!

  • It's the best thing in the world to sit and watch them take a nice big and thick c***,hear them whimper as the young stud takes them hard,I get to watch my 53 year old a few times each year as she entertains

  • I've told her recently she can f*** who she wants and she said she's fine and not to worry but thank you just in case she feels like doing it again. She also said that most people men and women would go for it given half the chance and if they could get away with it. If I'm honest I agree !!

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