His Mum Caught us

I am now a 62 year old woman and having seen this site it reminded me of an incident that still makes my toes curl when I remember it.
At the time I was 15 or 16. I had a boyfriend of the same age. We both had the same free time at school, Wednesday afternoons.

We use to go to his house to "Study" but the time was usually spent messing about and having s**, I was already on the pill.

His Mother worked Wednesdays and did not return home until about 6pm, his Dad about an hour later and he had no siblings so we had the place to ourselves.

On this occasion we had s** in his bedroom as usual, I had a couple of o****** and he then said he wanted to finish doggy style. So I knelt on his bed and held onto the foot board whilst he went for it, and go for it he did, bed creaking and me edging towards another o*****. I climaxed and he announced he was c******, as he said this I noticed movement to my left and looking I saw his Mum standing in the bedroom door, my boyfriend didn't see her and started to c** inside me. It seemed to go on for ever, him pumping away and me looking at his mother whilst he sowed his seed in me.
Just as he finished she quietly shut the door. She never said a thing.

My boyfriend never knew she was there! I cleaned up and when it was time to go I had to walk past his Mum. All she said was
"Hope you had a good time. You must c** again!"

To this day I do not know if she meant to say what she did!

Oct 5, 2020

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  • Did you continue study since then?

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