Swallowing marbles

I'm a teenage guy who has this weird fascination with swallowing objects. I would swallow marbles, pebbles, beads, you name it. I don't think it's some sort of mental disorder. I just like the feeling of things dropping into my stomach as well as the sounds they make when they fall in my stomach. Normally I would swallow about 20-40 marbles and feel and hear them in my stomach. The noises the make when my stomach tries to digest them and the feeling of them moving around really intrigues me. I wonder if there are others out there.

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  • Been doing this longs for many years, there's a few of us out there. :) I eat about 50 to 100 marbles at a time plus other things.

  • Cool! What other things?

  • It is a mental illness called pica. It's considered a mental illness if it harms you or others. Swallowing marbles or any other non-digestible object can be harmful, even fatal.

  • Nah mate there are tons of videos people swallowing loads of marbles and they are fine because marbles are one of the safest indigestible objects to swallow. Because they are made of glass and glass cannot be dissolved by stomach acid and because of their spherical shape they go right through you gut without issue.

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