What is wrong with us...

I love my man. I really do.
But....we always...well, we're so f***** up as a couple.
First of all, he hits me. Often. I don't mind it, its who he is. Maybe i even like it. I dont know.
But we break up often.
We're always back together within two weeks, then we have insane s** to the song Love The Way You Lie.
Its like routine for us.
Wtf. I swear this isnt a troll posting. This seriously happens EVERY time we break up and get back together.
And in a month or two he blows up and leaves..
It just cycles over...ugh.
We're engaged..he just...he needs attention. Hes a compulsive liar. I try to see through it..but, do I really want to spend the rest of my life with him? I dont know :(

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  • Don't get married to this guy, you may not mind getting hit, but he wont stop with just you he will hit your children

  • That's not love, that's abuse. You think you two have problems now? Nothing will change when you get married. It will just get worse and he'll hit you harder. Leave now or you will spend your life in a codependent and abusive relationship.

  • hmmmm....he sounds insecure to me...and you are afraid of being alone....here is how to break the cycle, next time he is sleeping, hit him as hard as you can in the head with a frying pan, then run like h***...your dude will think twice about hitting you again.

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