best friend

im a 13 year boy and my best friend flirts with me all the time and i have liked her forever but shes like my sister and i just want her to be happy. but awhile ago i went tricker treating with her and she was sitin next to me and we were talkin and i realy wanted to kiss her but im afraid if i show her that i love her im afraid i will loose my friendship with her. what should i do?

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  • Dude,

    Eventually you will loose her anyway if you don't tell her.
    She will get a boyfriend, you will drift apart etc..

    If you truly love her you need to be honest with her, look her in the eyes and tell her how you feel about her. Don't be embarrassed about how you feel, be confident.

  • wow, i love how everyone is all "s**** the s*** out of her" when he's 13 years old. seriously, who f**** at 13?! dude, just tell her how you feel. if she doesn't like you, at least you tried.

  • tell her how you feel and she probably feels the same way she probably wanted to kiss you to but she was afraid like you are young and love comes and goes so go for it.

  • Dude...shes asking for it...she wants it bad!!
    shes beging to be get in there before i do!!!

  • tell her how you feel and see what she says

  • look man, you "just want her to be happy" right? (this comment, by the way, doesn't really fit into this situation, leading me to believe that you are just saying this because you think it is sweet and what girls want to hear, therefore making you a dumbass 13 year old). well, apparently what will make her happy is to have your c*** sliding in and out of her throat, in which case, you should let her; it's what she wants right?

  • seriously. sack up, be a man, and stick it in. stop being a p**** and f*** the dog s*** outta her. dont want to ruin your friendship my ass, what kind of man spews s*** like that? im sure you think you are being sweet and nice...well, stop. now. keep that attitude up in high school and you will be at home every night jerking off to the sears catalog while you wonder why every single girl you know "just wants to be friends". seriously, shes hurtin for a squirtin, it is your duty and responsibility to blow your load into every orifice you can find

  • tell her, i was in love with my bestfriend and he told me he was in love with me, now we have been married 20 years and couldnt b hapier

  • just weigh it up, would you preffer her as a friend or a girlfriend or whatever

  • thats cute not!

  • to cute to explain im in love with her

  • be her friend is she cute?

  • grow a c*** and s**** her

  • you're young, go for it while you still can.

  • seriously what should i do

  • just bum her

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