1.I'm afraid you'll stop saying it,just

1.I'm afraid you'll stop saying it,just like how she did it. I love you.
2.I always make plans for suicide. I'm just afraid to leave you..

Jul 8, 2010

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  • There are no benifts from suicide. You can't enjoy being nothing.
    Living, you at least can experience problems, even that is better than nothing. :)

  • ^These people are so rude on this site. Do not kill yourself, the second comment is correct. It is very selfish. Do you want to put that guilt onto the person you claim you love?

  • Just kil yourself, it's quick, easy and your family will appreciated more

  • no suicides.
    suicides suck.
    they're selfish.
    so very selfish.
    don't do it!

  • I dare you!

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