I confess that.........

Donald J. Trump is a terrible President. And a terrible person. And an arrogant p****.

May 26, 2017

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  • To all the commentators, you aren't experts in; politics and being a President. You don't know Trump personally, so therefore can't profess s*** about him!

    Your opinions ate simply, just opinions and don't mean s***!

    Stop pretending that your opinions matters and that they'll change anything, because they don't.

    This is my opinion, but essentially it doesn't me s*** to anyone. But that's cool, because none of you are important to me. So stop with your f****** nonsense!

  • Well, little MAGAT, YOU aren't an expert in politics or being a president either, yet here you are mouthing off. Now stop being triggered by opinions different from yours and eat your dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets!

  • Trump can grab your pussay anytime right?

  • Can he grab yours by the b*******?

  • Nope im not a fan obviously

  • You are like an islamic feminist nooo f****** sense

  • I'm not a person who believes in, pertaining to any religious doctrine and I'm not a feminist. So no, you're inaccurate aswell as having discriminatory perspectives.

  • You're irrelevant, like everyone else on this website! Your opinion doesn't matter and doesn't change anything, so shut the f*** up!

  • F*** you im venting i like offending garbage like you and every other dumbshit on this website you are the worst of humanity. such terrible people. you dont deserve to even live on this planet for how little you people give a s*** about it.

  • Firstly, the worst of humanity are people who carry out heinous crimes such as: rapists, abusers, murderers, paedophiles etc. So you really need to reassess your personal definitions and judgements, on what is actually perceived as the worst of humanity.

    Secondly, none of us had a choice to born, it was our parents choice. So why do you think you have a right to state, whose deserving of being alive or not? Did you choose to be born? Are you not a fellow human being like the rest of us or do you think you're a higher being, with superior priority over the rest of us? You do realise, you aren't a god and goddess.

    Thirdly, you need to check yourself and do some growing up. Just because you don't like someone's opinion, doesn't mean you have cry about it or get angry!

  • You are f****** ignorant garbage

  • No one cares about your opinion either. natural consequences coming from morons like you will be more apparant in the future.

  • It's spelt "apparent" not "apparant"

    If you're going to contribute to this pathetic diatribe, at least spell properly!

  • Teachers make less than me lol. are you that racist teacher? saying the blacks cause more problems

  • I'm not a teacher and I'm not racist either. So check yourself. However, I don't need to be a teacher to appreciate good grammar and punctuation skills. I also don't determine my happiness, on how much money I earn. But it's apparent, you do :-)

  • Hah hah have fun below that poverty line;)

  • Right, because it's LITERACY that's so common among the lower ranks, not the opposite. Have fun living with that brain injury... or were you just a r3tard to begin with?

  • Get ready. He's going to start constructing internment camps, and gas chambers. It'll be a part of a program he refers to as "infrastructure". Then he'll start rounding up those that oppose him, and his supporters will cry out "Lock them up!". Believe it.

  • You're a f****** idiot. Move to Canada you f****** libtard.

  • Canada has always been better than your country

  • If you think donald is a alpha, you very likely arent. a stronger, smarter, better looking guy will take your chick from you and make you look bad at your job. you weak minded waste of life why dont you f****** learn something about science and about the nature of the world we live in.

  • To be fair, true human alpha's are a rarity on earth, as much as the conspiracy of whether or not - mermaids exist.
    It does how exist within our fellow animal ancestors and fellow animals.

  • Science and nature has nothing to do with, the topic of Donald Trump! Stop staring from the topic at hand and focus you fucktard!

  • Man f*** you

  • Lol is that all you've got!

  • All you have is calling people cucks yet someones f****** your b**** in the ass while you at working you f****** loser

  • I've yet to know and see a true male (alpha) they're a rare breed and those that are, probably don't state s*** like you have! They'd know if they're and won't need to prove it to anyone, because they'd have a strong sense of self and self-awareness/nothing to prove to anyone.
    And by the way, I don't have a girlfriend and if I did, they wouldn't be interested in guys!

  • You got good looking t******? nah doubt it

  • Hah your a f****** alpha lezbo eh?

  • You're foolish, beyond belief!

  • Ohh such an alpha damn ohh thats soo hot

  • And you obviously aren't an alpha, you aren't a beta and omega either. So what are you? I bet - you don't even know lol

  • Hah id knock you f****** out in person

  • First, I don't date "chicks" you sexist pig, so I don't have to worry about someone taking one from me. Second, only uneducated small brain people such as yourself would make such a comment. And third, the rest of your comment doesn't even apply here. But that's to be expected from someone with a small brain like you.

  • Im sure hes gona support womens rights too lol man unbelievable

  • Spell properly a******, or extricate yourself from this conversation!

  • Get over yourself

  • Improve yourself lol

  • Im better than you in every way you fat ass c***

  • Hah the irony is you support a sexist pig. calling me small minded while you use the word libtard is pretty funny. science with relation to trump completely applies you f****** moron, seeing has how he has no understanding of any of it. i doubt you understand basic chem, bio, or math for that matter otherwise you might have second thoughts. i know i know you hear him speak and he makes your p**** feel all warm like hes got things under control mabye listen to the substance of what hes saying. (more nukes, less health care, less liberty, more inequality, less access to abortion, more military confrontation, continued war on drugs) just endless stupid and people like you perpetuating it. btw most of the fake news is coming from trump he just throws that s*** out there to discredit everyone.

  • You're illiterate and inaccurate! Improve your literacy skills, then you can participate fully in this diatribe of garbage!

  • How many have lectured on this site?

  • How do you feel about those who are losing their healthcare? are you one of them? :)

  • F*** you sexually fluid b****

  • Whose sexually fluid? You've got your wires crossed aswell as your brain cells singed!

  • Do you even know how a f****** brain cell functions?

  • Your question is similar to asking a Scientist, if they know anything about Science! Ha, you're pathetic!

  • Im better than you in every way

  • You didnt post some stupid s*** about being sexually fluid eh?

  • Did you??!

  • Nope

  • He's in way over his head, and he's too headstrong to recognize it, much less to admit it. Things are going to get really bad here. We'll be lucky to survive it. VERY lucky.

  • I confess that he is an embarrassment.

  • I'll take an embarrassment over a corrupt politician any day.

  • The problem is that Trump is almost certainly BOTH.

  • I didn't know liberals could foresee the future.

  • I didn't know degenerates could either lol

  • Stop being prejudiced against people who are liberals! Being liberal doesn't determine what the individual is like, who have liberal perspectives. You're f****** shallow and ignorant, if you don't realise that!

  • Things that have already happened aren't in the future, n*******.

  • Obviously, numskull! So why bring up past events you ass! I'm sure we're in the present tense!

  • Read some news

  • How does anyone know? The f****** liberals won't give him a chance to even do his job.

  • How you can listen to the man speak for more than five minutes and not understand how stupid he is...

  • He's doing his job. He just sucks at it.

  • Says who? A bunch of crying ass snowflakes liberals who think we should give our country away to every a****** who's not American and invite our enemies to come live with us so it's easyer for them to kill us. You lost the election, now get the f*** over it and stop crying. Get up off you lazy ass and go do something positive for the country, rather than sit there and continue to cry about what you think is wrong with Trump. Oh, and maybe you should become educated in who Trump really is instead of reading bullshit memes on social media and listening to liberal propaganda on bullshit news networks who are ran by or owned by people related to Democratic politicians.

  • Speaking of propaganda and bullshit news FOX lol

  • Kind a like CNN Clinton News Network.

  • Cable news network CNN

  • Yes, like them.

  • "Educated in who Trump really is"? Seriously? He is EXACTLY who he portrays himself to be: an ill-informed, egocentric, megalomaniac with no sense of history or reality. We don't need any education: he provides that education every time he appears in public or hammers out those idiotic unedited tweets of his. His behavior is shameful, and every sentient American is shamed by it.

  • And just exactly why don't You like him? And please give details if you can. Other than just name calling.

  • You know what the nuclear triad is? trump doesnt either lol

  • Hes putting everyone in danger with the climate change issue and nukes.......

  • So you ride a bike everywhere you go? And you don't heat your house or use electricity? Didn't think so!

  • Its called spending effort developing better technology...it is out there direct current motors are superior to any gas powered. the world will leave you behind.

  • And as I said, you don't heat or cool your house? And you have an all electric vehicle that you charge using electricity produced by a coal power plant or a nuclear power plant that produces radioactive waste. You're real green in your all electric car, aren't you. You're nothing more than a hypocritical a****** who wants everyone to think your saving the planet as you still utilize the same comforts that you claim are killing the planet. You want to be green, move to the outback with no power, no internet, and no modern conveniences, then you will be green. When you do that, then you can b**** about it to others. Until then, shut the f*** up!

  • F*** off its the point of putting effort into it and it has to start with the government individuals dont have much influence on this. until you know even some basics of science why dont you shut the f*** up as you say. look your kid in the eye tell them youre a good parent you f****** waste of life.

  • No, the point is you're a f****** hypocrite you f****** douchebag. So now go f*** yourself!

  • It must be hard to type soo much with your head soo far up your ass. fake news fake news everything is fake news lol just remember this s*** in 20 years.

  • What the h*** does fake news have to do with you being a hypocritical a******?

  • Kill yourself

  • This world has been in danger of nuclear war since those bombs were developed back in WWII. It's not Trump you have to worry about, it's all the f****** idiots the liberals keep letting into this country. Nuclear triad is to keep other country's from using them on us. Yes we need it to protect this country from others. It was in place long before Trump came along and like other presidents before him, he has military advisors.

    As for climate change, scientists can't even agree on if it's man influenced or not. The earth naturally goes through cold and warm cycles. There are just as many scientific facts supporting global warming to be natural. So why anyone would put restrictions on mining, manufacturing, and production and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work is beyond me. But then again, unemployment and living off others is all the liberals can understand. Putting people out of work, not Trump's idea of America first.

    So, want to try again?

  • No the difference between weather and climate? get your info from a creationist museum? think it takes 6 month to see a doc in canada? know what a spectrograph is? did you know similar f****** told the world lead was healthy for half a century just in the same way they wana keep rollin with these fuels that s*** in the air when you use them. 37 percent of you are obese anyway good luck putting america first dummie.

  • You failed to answer the question. You are f****** idiot who just likes to blow smoke.

  • Oh did i you cant understand how any of those things relate eh? you are just a fat f*** who cant see his own d***.

  • Sorry, but it's your own small peepee that you're looking for. But hey, that explains why you're idiot. You're self conscious about your own small d*** and you can't think straight. It's ok, just tell everyone you have a small d*** and they'll forgive you.

  • Im good ;) and i wont have to wear a helmet in public for lack of health care either. i still have all my teeth too, do you? i dont have kids either soo theres extra money for me.

  • I'm not surprised that you don't have any kids. Small d*** combined with being a complete f****** idiot, you are the definition of a Loser!!!! And thank God you are not reproducing, the world will be better without your f****** offspring.

  • For someone so smart you don't know basic biology and anatomy. Did they not teach you in school that it's a sperm that fertilises a baby and not a man's d***. Sperm banks exist fool. But fortunately for me, I have a big c*** and I use it often in whoever I want. If I wanted a kid, I would have one. I don't, so suck my d*** b****!

  • Oh you thank god do you? you think the earth is 6000 years old too?

  • You should kill yourself..... it is called knowing how to use a f****** condom you dumb b****

  • Learn something seriously f****** read.....

  • He who reads is not necessarily a smart man. I think you've proven that with your ignorant statements.

  • They tend to be a bit smarter than the later you r***** mabye go to nasa website you know the same people who help your smart phone function.

  • Maybe, not mabye - you ass!

  • F*** you;)

  • Are you f****** liberals ever going to stop crying about losing the election? My god, you all cry more than a 6 month needing the t**.

  • It's not crying: it's just true. He was a mistake that his supporters will never admit.

  • History will be very unkind to the people that helped trump happen

  • Why don't you all give him a chance before calling him a mistake. You blindly believe the crap spewed about him by the media as you scream BS about anything negative on Hilary. Why anyone would rather see this country's President fail before supporting him is beyond me. He's our President, voted for by you or not, he's still our President.

  • The problem with the give-him-a-chance argument is that it is giving him a chance to make even more mistakes and to f*** something up so badly that it can't be fixed. He's going to blow it all to h***......but not back.

  • I understand that people like you would rather give our country away. Maybe it's because you are like so many liberals who live in a fanatasy world and think everyone can be fixed with love. Make guns illegal and they'll just magically disappear. But the reality is this world is filled with evil people and those evil people wouldn't think a second thought about killing you and everyone else in this country. But you'd know that if you had ever spent time in the middle east. So run back to your safe space and let the real men and women of this country continue to protect your right to be stupid.

  • I know i know diplomacy is hard

  • You arent protecting s*** you brought a gun to a drone fight lol

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