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I am more in love than I've ever been in my whole life. We've been together for three years, and he has made me the happiest woman in the whole world. He's kind, fun, sexy, and wise. He has told me that he wants us to get married, and I want nothing more than to be his wife forever.

But he has made some terrible financial decisions in past years, and his credit is terrible. That scares the living s*** out of me.

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  • That's honest and it is scary. Is he doing anything now to make better decisions? Or is he still doing the same thing? Get married, but keep your credit and bank accounts separate. At least one of you will have good credit. And if he comes in to the marriage with bad credit or debt, he keeps that to himself and can continue to pay it off. Just because you get married doesn't mean you need to merge/share everything. And given his history, maybe you can be the one in charge of the finances...Something to talk about.

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