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The residential area I've been living for years now have started giving me negative vibration. Why? All of a sudden? These African American men were staring at me like I did some kind of a sin. All I felt was red flag. Why all of a sudden? Later on, I began to realize my old neighbor who used to live above me was raping his own dog began to give me negative vibrations as well. My neighbors are not what they seem. In fact, I'm even afraid to take shower with lights on. I'm not paranoid. It's like my intuition was on point. All these guys were giving me attention like I was doing something weird.

I wonder if these people have been making secret videos of me and have been putting them on p*** sites. I've been raised by a good family. In fact, I'm a good looking woman who doesn't date. I'm afraid to go onto these port sites just to figure out some have been making secret videos of me. If I ever find them I'm going to save them and report them to police right away. My self-respect and dignity is important. If these guys think they got their way already, they don't know I can do anything to get them behind the bars.

I just wanted to express myself here because I've bene secretly working on this mission for quite some time now confidentially. However, I'd already filed a complaint against them to the police. Those men don't know, but they're being followed by cops. It's part of their investigation. I might soon hire a private detective as well.

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  • Take your meds

  • Why do white people always talk about black people like they're demons?

    Would the black men be worth a mention if they weren't black?

  • You're suggesting all white people *always* talk like this. Racist much?

  • You must be pretty hot, because you sound crazy as all h***.

  • What's that word?

  • Really? Shut the f*** up and stop making up bullshit.

  • Lol okay ?!

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