My wife walked in

I work at home and my wife works outside the home. She leaves early. My neighbor leaves later so sometimes comes over. Well, my wife came back unexpectedly and walked in and witnessed my neighbor pounding me from behind. I was wearing her stockings and I was talking very dirty to him as he pounded me right there in the living room. Wife was completely shocked as were we. we didn't know what to do and she got really nervous and left. She didn't show up to work and won't return my calls. I don;t want to stop my behavior but i don;t want to hurt my wife, which I've obviously done. In my mind the best scenario would be if she thought it was ok, but I think that is a very long shot

Not sure what I can do

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  • You are a disgusting cuck. People like you should be exterminated off the face of the earth, like the disgusting, repulsive toxic homosexual filth cancer that you are.

    My only consolation is that your ultimate end is burning in h***. I pity your wife, you don't deserve any happiness.

  • Hey now, you be sure to have a great day. Ya hear?

  • I let my wife bf have me and I enjoy it as much as my wife does, nothing wrong with that.

  • I wish you were my husband. This would have made me the happiest wife ever!

  • Curious to know why you feel this way. I mean my wife is actually thrilled, which makes me the same because I think our s** lives in middle age might improve. What's your take on this and why would you want this in your life?

  • So, the wife says she want to watch. not sure what to do. She's genuinely upset that I cheated but also very intrigued, so this may be her way of getting a grip on what's happened. She says she is really turned on by it and wants my friend to tell his wife so it's all out.

    This could go a number of ways and although I am unsure if I want to have a regular gay relationship, the s** is very hot and the thought of doing it in front of the wives is even hotter. We're older and without children and all very fit, so the picture in my head is appealing. I am remorseful for what I did but I think this might help my wife understand and feel better? somewhat confused about this. She's pretty adamant about this

  • Before you consciously decided to pursue an extramarital affair with your neighbour, of which it was choice alone to do, without considering your marriage vows and respecting those vows to your wife, perhaps you could've discussed your gay curiosities, with your wife. You never know, she may have considered your feelings regarding those curiosities and respected the fact, you confided your hidden feelings to her. She may have also considered, a compromise, you never know.

    Because you didn't broach these feelings before you disrespected your wedding vows and your wife, by having an affair and getting caught in your marital home with your side piece and a d*** up your ass/dressed like a woman, I can't help but question you as a person and surmise, you're a f****** selfish t***!

    Regardless if the side piece is a man or woman, cheating is cheating! Why did you betray your wife like that?! You must realise, you didn't have to. You consciously chose to, for your own self satisfactions, desires and needs, you didn't think about your wife, her feelings and so forth. Or perhaps you did, because you had your ass f***** in your marriage abode, where your wife could and did find you betraying her!

  • I should say, however that the subject has come up and we have discussed the possibility in some depth. Although I did choose to act as you described robe. No excuse

  • Yes, this is all true

  • That's hot.

  • Apparently my wife thought so too, although she is not happy at all that I went outside the marriage. She's also shocked and turned on by what she saw. We need to work this out. She won't inform neighbors wife

  • Maybe your wife can f*** the neighbors wife and do a little lesbian show for you two.

  • F****** idiots!

  • What do you mean f****** idiots. You want some gay action too?

  • Gay actions have nothing to do with
    why I think, you and the op are f****** idiots! If you can't, won't and don't comprehend why, you're a f****** idiot! No further explanation and justification needed, it's not mandatory!

  • Ohhhh, is someone butthurt because they're not getting any gay action. Sounds like it.

  • I'm loyal to those I love. So when someone betrays the person they apparently love, I get angry!

    There's no excuse for cheating!

  • Well, I will say that while it seems a very stupid and reckless thing to do, we are working things out and my wife is very forgiving in allowing me the opportunity to talk about why this happened and how we both feel about it. it's not a crisis, which is very good of her. I'll also say that my neighbor has the biggest p**** I have ever imagined anyone having, so my wife may be somewhat curious about that. She is also curious as to how I would be able to or would want to handle something of that size and I think she is somewhat oddly impressed. I don't think I or my neighbor is gay, perhaps bisexual or just curious and somewhat open. I do feel horrible for doing this within my marriage but I just couldn't resist such a thing. It is gigantic. I do in fact love my wife. We all s**** up

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