Wife had a fun time in San Diego

My wife and a few of her friends who are married wanted to go to San Diego for the night and party it up. I was a Marine and so was all the other husbands going, so I didn't think much of it and volunteered to stay home and watch kids for the night. I didn't know that single marines were going with them and also didn't think my wife would do anything. Well, she flashed her t*** and slept with one of the guys. I found out almost two years later. Still with her and it p***** me off that she couldn't come clean. I understand that foolish decisions are made when drinking but it's the trust thing that p***** me off.

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  • Funny you should say that cause I would let my wife go out with her friends thinking nothing. Then I found out she was having one nighters as simple as giving guys b*******( she’s always loved oral) to getting f***** outside her car and even bathrooms. One of her friends confessed to me because she became religious and wanted to come clean. I asked my wife like it was nothing and she played it off then eventually said when she drinks she doesn’t sometimes remember. I was so p***** and hurt. I would have never knew she was like this

  • Cheat on her and splatter blast c** on the mistress face. Then, take a picture and anonymously mail it to your own address allowing your wife to open it. You'll feel better. If not, mail the picture to her parents for christmas. If that don't help you feel better, just divorce her, but remain friends.

  • She probably didnt stop at 1

  • I would have divorce her ass by now.

  • If she did it once that you found out about, she has probably or will probably do it again. Once a cheater it will continue throughout your marriage.Its very rare to be a one time thing, she can't be trusted now.

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