My friends boyfriend admitted that he's had a crush on me for a long time, now. Unlike his girlfriend, I listen, understand and don't over dramatize things.
I don't like him.
It p***** me off that he's wasting her time if he doesn't know what he wants.
It p***** me off even more that I can't tell her because then she might find out that I slept with him.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I didn't use the drunk excuse. Yes, we were both drunk, but that doesn't mean that I'm completely relieving myself of responsibility because of that. I know that what I did was wrong and I don't consider myself much of a friend after what I did, but does that one mistake really eclipse all the other stuff that I've done for her?
    I suppose it does, though. There's no such thing as second chances, forgivenes or understanding when you make a mistake, especially when you own up to it.

  • well i would hardly call you a good friend, you slept with your so called friends boyfriend, and no drunken excuse covers that. i suggest you stop speaking to him, or back right off because he might be getting the wrong message.

  • ^Riiiiiggght. . .the drunk excuse huh?

  • I didn't decide that I didn't like him. Liking someone isn't a decision, it just is.
    I slept with him when we were both drunk.
    I try to be a good listener to all my friends, not necessarily to people I'm interested in.

  • When did you sleep with him? Before or after you decided you didn't like him?

    If you keep hanging around him and being a good listener that isn't exactly conveying the message that you aren't interested in him.

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