you know, i dont care that my boyfriend looks at p***. What p***** me off is how MUCH he looks at p***. I know its almost every day. ON his, videos or the internet. At home prob before work and after if time on the internet. Yet we dont have s** once a week...sometimes longer.

It just p***** me off. I WANT TO F****** SCREAM.

Seriously dudes, i get it p*** is hot. But'd rather grab your own d*** than have a woman please you herself. Ill never get that.

god it p***** me the f*** off

Jul 8, 2010

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  • DROP that LOSER !

  • dont mess around do you?

    its going to be difficult saying no to s**...

    he says he doesnt care if i look at p***, but maybe if i have tons of pics of naked dudes on my phone....he might object


  • Look at your own p*** and let him notice you are. Guys, girls. three sums, it'll get to him, then ask if there's a double standard. Also try, when he wants to have s**...turn him down, then go look at your p***, and this is comeing from a guy, Good luck :)

  • already go to redtube...and youporn (mobile as well) and all that good stuff. I get it. Granted, i wouldnt offer to have a bowling pin shoved up my cooch. LOL I get that.

    i know its fantasy, he says its entertaining...but hes looking up just naked pics of girls...not so much p*** videos. Like....bods4themods type stuff. Owell.

    maybe one day ill say hey babe, grab a bowling pin....ive got a new game for you :)

  • thats the a freak!! i want to switch it up try kinky things even watch p*** with him. I enjoy p*** too. He just has tons of pictures saved on his computer. I look at p*** too....and i get it can get old having s** with the same person. But i like to switch it up. i dont care if he looks at p*** as long as my needs are taken care of. Once a week isnt much to ask. Twice a week would be great!!!

    ooh and i try and be agressive. If i try an initiate i get turned down. So i dont even want to try dressing up in kinky outfits for the fear im going to be rejected. Oh well, it will get better or ill be out. I love s**..i love s** with him.

  • ^^ Yeah... Nice. Meanwhile, I guarantee he's doing something sneaky behind your back. And, quite frankly, you deserve it.

    To the poster... You need to be MUCH more aggressive. Pounce all over him.

  • I know, my boyfriend was exactly like that but he had p*** especially about girls swallowing..ew. Anyway i took all his p*** CDs snapped them, deleted all his p*** files, downloaded a child security thing on his computer and put a password on it so he cant search for rude things hahaha. Then I said, p*** or me, and he choose me. dood men are f****** s** hounds.

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