I'm going to regret this so much.

My friend who is straight is asking me if he should go with this girl and I'm making him do it so I can move one from him because I'm starting developing feelings and I do not want that. I'm gay he's straight its not going to work. But now I feel pain within me but it is good for us. Even though I thought he was bi but I was wrong because he always comes for me advice and stuff and says I'm an inspiration to him and I was like how? He get's little mad or jealous when I talk about others guys talking to me but I was wrong I guess. Straight guys are so wired and a knife to me.....

Jul 1, 2017

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  • Shoving him away might not be a good idea. You may just end up making your feelings become stronger because you never talked about it. Don't be worried about ruining things. You'll feel better if it's been talked about than just carrying this around.

  • I know it sounds a little scary, but maybe you should talk to him. I'm bi and I hid it from all my friends. I even developed a super intense crush on a girl in one of my classes and every time I saw her I felt like I would climb Mt.Everest for her.
    I never said a word and eventually she got a boyfriend. But her boyfriend was terrible I suspect he cheated on her and a couple times he would trip her in the halls. She's the most beautiful girl I've met and yet I still haven't told anyone. I'm terrified to. But if she had told me she liked me, things might have been a lot different.
    I hoped I helped. Good luck šŸ€

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